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By Phil Fernando:
A popular night time soap opera, it followed the adventures of five families living in a coastal suburb of Los Angeles in California: Gary and Valene Ewing, relatives of the popular Ewing clan of Dallas; Sid and Karen Fairgate, their all-American neighbors; the troubled Richard and Laura Avery; young newlyweds Kenny and Ginger Ward; and divorcee Abby Cunningham, Sid's scheming sister.
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Knots Landing followed the lives of several families living in a coastal suburb of Los Angeles in California. Gary Ewing and his wife, Valene, arrive from Dallas to make a new start for themselves. They becomes friends with their neighbors, Sid and Karen Fairgate. Later, Sid's wicked sister, Abby Fairgate Cunningham, seduces Gary and Val divorces him. Gary later marries Abby, and even more shocking things happen when Val realizes she is pregnant with Gary's children!
With no funeral fanfare for the dearly departed Sid Fairgate, "Aftermath" picks up five weeks after Sid's death. Few tears are shed in the bereaved family's household, as Karen tries some 'tough love' tactics to get herself and her children to move ahead with their lives, and goes to pretty extreme measures to do so. In the opening of the episode, we see Sid's eldest son Eric weeping in the driver's seat of his father's vintage car in the family's garage. Eric's sadness turns to rage when he soon learns that the car has been sold by his mother. Karen, who has reportedly not shed a tear since her husband's death, further alienates her children and her friends by refusing to talk about her husband. The levees of her composure will crumble later in the season when Kenny and Ginger ask her to be the godmother of their new baby.
This is a continuation of the cliffhanger episode from Season Two, where Knots Landing Motor Company owner Sid Fairgate is involved in a car accident after his criminally-tampered-with brakes fail. In Season Three's opening episode, we see Sid struggling to cope in the hospital after being told he will remain a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. While continuing to undergo therapy, Sid learns of an experimental procedure that could possibly allow him to walk again. There is a down side...because the surgery is extremely delicate and risky, he could also die during the surgery. Against Karen's wishes, Sid agrees to have the operation. This episode picks up from a beside confrontation with Karen, where Sid tells his wife that he will sign the consent form with his teeth himself if she chooses not to do so. Reluctantly, Karen signs the form. The outcome proves fatal for Sid, as he goes into cardiac arrest on the operating table during the surgery. Attempts to defibrillate his heart fail, and the last camera shot of Sid Fairgate is as he's lying face-up on the operating table. From there, there is no audible dialogue for the rest of the show as the camera cuts to the surgeon who informs Karen behind closed doors that her husband is dead. Karen, showing no emotion, takes her three children from the hospital, loads them into her station wagon, and drives off as the show's closing credits appear. This was Don Murray's final appearance as Sid Fairgate.
By Anonymous:
Abby's mad when Gary and Kenny decide to go into business together to produce a record for Ciji, and then promises money to Richard. She tells Gary if they don't have a partnership she will leave him. Abby makes Richard sign a contract that she will be in control of Gary's investment in Daniel, and if he doesn't sign, she'll make sure he doesn't get any money. Val is upset that Lilimae invited Chip to live with them. Lilimae introduces Chip to Ciji, and they're attracted to one another. Diana gives Chip a car from KLMotors. Karen and Mac go camping for the weekend, but she refuses to sleep with him and they argue the whole time. Joe tells her that she's in love with Mac and that he's moving back to New York. Karen and Mac talk and realize they're both scared of getting into a relationship. They make love.
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1 Jessica Aaron in the movie Knots Landing Jessica Aaron 1979
2 Lillian Adams in the movie Knots Landing Lillian Adams 1979
3 Robin Adare in the movie Knots Landing Robin Adare 1979
4 Kara Albright in the movie Knots Landing Kara Albright 1979
5 Eileen Barnett in the movie Knots Landing Eileen Barnett 1979
6 Joanna Pettet in the movie Knots Landing Joanna Pettet 1979
7 Stanley Grover in the movie Knots Landing Stanley Grover 1979
8 Richard Gadas in the movie Knots Landing Richard Gadas 1979
9 James Luisi in the movie Knots Landing James Luisi 1979
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