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By Anonymous:
Nina Martin, a famous opera singer on a comeback tour, visits Vienna with her baby. When she leaves her baby in the hotel under the care of an assistant, the baby is kidnapped by a couple posing as guests. Will Brandtner and Rex be able to foil the kidnappers and get Nina's baby back?
By Queenslander:
Xaver Stoll is a sexual maniac. Trying to kidnap a informatics student from her apartment he accidentally kills her and runs away from the crime scene. Alexander Brandtner and his team discover the case, first suspect is the girl's boyfriend. Famous doctor and his wife,also a doctor are shot dead in cold blood after a bunch of red roses were delivered to their apartment. The killers are seemingly professionals. Bòck,Moser,Hollerer and Rex took the case. Expert for the curing of cancer diseases is kidnapped and his family is kept hostage by the same killers. Hans and Paul Tomek are twin brothers in their thirties. Hans is a successful and wealthy stockbroker who is about to depart for New York. When Paul decides to kill him and take his place he soon runs into difficulties. He is blackmailed by a former mate who recognizes him because of a tattoo and Hans' girlfriend also realizes that he is not Hans. Paul kills his former mate and tries to silence the girl. Will Brandtner and Rex arrive in time?
By Ante Luka Rudan:
After Richard Moser was killed by a mental patient who also killed himself after looking into Rex 's sad eyes in the last episode. He is replaced by Alex Brandtner, but Rex is desperate, refuses to eat and wants to be near Moser 's house. Alex decides to help him. A man is murdered by two men and thrown into Danube. Bock and Hollerer investigate this case without Rex and Moser. Moser died in the line of duty while investigating last case, and Rex is grieving over him. Alexander Brandtner replaces Moser in the team,buys his house and becomes Rex 's new owner. Owner of a doll shop is obsessed with women and dolls, so he manipulates them to act like dolls before killing them. Body of a young woman is found, Homicide Department of Vienna takes over the case. A young girl who lives across the way from the doll shop has witnessed a young woman running away from the murderer. Violent criminal is released from jail and first he visits his ex-wife and finds out she has been re-married and has a child, angering him. Her husband is thrown trough the window shortly after. Her ex is the suspect, but Bóck and Moser find out that he is innocent. Moser finds out that the now deceased man,who was the worker at transportation company was about to reveal his boss 's plan to rob his own van full of cash,and was eliminated to keep his mouth shut.
By Queenslander:
During the aftermath of a Vienna rooftop bomb explosion, Rex's trainer is shot and killed while giving chase to a suspect. Rex is pines for his dead master and refuses to eat or drink. Inspector Richard Moser feels sorry for him, and so begins their partnership when Rex uncovers a crucial clue in the investigation.
By Anonymous:
After the departure of detectives Alex Brandtner and Christian Bóck,Marc Hoffman and Nikki Herzog come as a replacement and join Kunz and Rex. They have they first case together:serial killer murders young couples who are having sex near a resturant at the Dunav. Marion Gruber runs a costume hire agency and in the evenings lives out her personal fantasy that she is Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria. As the harmless dream grows into a dangerous obsession, Marion becomes unpredictable and violent. A coachman whom she has hired for a midnight drive around Vienna is stabbed when he becomes too curious. When her business manager finds her Sisi memorabilia and becomes suspicious, he threatens to go to the police unless she signs the business over to him. Fortunately Inspector Alex Brandtner has pieced it all together and arrives on the scene before more harm is done.
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Full list of actors of Kommissar Rex:
1 Julia Cencig in the movie Kommissar Rex Julia Cencig 1994
2 Sandra Cervik in the movie Kommissar Rex Sandra Cervik 1994
3 Susanne Czepl in the movie Kommissar Rex Susanne Czepl 1994
4 Hilde Dalik in the movie Kommissar Rex Hilde Dalik 1994
5 Jenny Deimling in the movie Kommissar Rex Jenny Deimling 1994
6 Doreén Dietel in the movie Kommissar Rex Doreén Dietel 1994
7 Corinna Dvoran in the movie Kommissar Rex Corinna Dvoran 1994
8 Andrea Eckert in the movie Kommissar Rex Andrea Eckert 1994
9 Katrin Ackerl in the movie Kommissar Rex Katrin Ackerl 1994
10 Verena Araghi in the movie Kommissar Rex Verena Araghi 1994
11 Alena Baich in the movie Kommissar Rex Alena Baich 1994
12 Gasser Barbara in the movie Kommissar Rex Gasser Barbara 1994
13 Hilde Berger in the movie Kommissar Rex Hilde Berger 1994
14 Senta Berger in the movie Kommissar Rex Senta Berger 1994
15 Nicole Beutler in the movie Kommissar Rex Nicole Beutler 1994
16 Eva Billisich in the movie Kommissar Rex Eva Billisich 1994
17 Silvia Fenz in the movie Kommissar Rex Silvia Fenz 1994
18 Monika Finotti in the movie Kommissar Rex Monika Finotti 1994
19 Noemi Fischer in the movie Kommissar Rex Noemi Fischer 1994
20 Nina Franoszek in the movie Kommissar Rex Nina Franoszek 1994
21 Beatrice Frey in the movie Kommissar Rex Beatrice Frey 1994
22 Michou Friesz in the movie Kommissar Rex Michou Friesz 1994
23 Jazz Gitti in the movie Kommissar Rex Jazz Gitti 1994
24 Bojana Golenac in the movie Kommissar Rex Bojana Golenac 1994
25 Sabine Grabis in the movie Kommissar Rex Sabine Grabis 1994
26 Carmen Gratl in the movie Kommissar Rex Carmen Gratl 1994
27 Gesa Gross in the movie Kommissar Rex Gesa Gross 1994
28 Maria Gundolf in the movie Kommissar Rex Maria Gundolf 1994
29 Daniela Gäts in the movie Kommissar Rex Daniela Gäts 1994
30 Lisa Tatzber in the movie Kommissar Rex Lisa Tatzber 1994
31 Hans Pemmer in the movie Kommissar Rex Hans Pemmer 1994
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