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By Guilherme O.:
Sisters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian of Keeping Up With the Kardashians are ready to take center stage in the sizzling new series Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami. Following recent public breakups, the girls have decided to seek out a fresh start and head to sunny Florida to open a new Dash boutique. Despite being away from their outrageous family for the first time, this drama-filled duo is determined to take their new surroundings by storm. Beautiful sandy beaches and a notorious nightlife scene prove to be distracting as the girls struggle to stay focused on getting their new store off the ground. Also, when Khloé is offered a chance to host her own late night local radio talk show, the gig puts a strain on the sisters' relationship as Khloe tries to juggle it all. Will the girls be able to handle the heat - or are they bound to get burned?
By Guilherme O.:
The Kardashian sisters head back to South Beach and drama isn't far behind! In this sizzling new season, Kourtney and Khloe return to Miami to revamp their struggling DASH boutique. This time, Kourtney brings her beau Scott and baby son Mason along for the ride as she tries to breathe new life into the store--including hiring an all new staff! But when Khloe ends up postponing her trip to be with husband Lamar, Kourtney ends up doing most of the hard work herself and starts to question whether Khloe should really be involved. Meanwhile, as Khloé struggles being away from her hubby, her commitment to the DASH store and even her Khloé After Dark radio gig comes under fire when she can't seem to focus on her responsibilities. Plus, things get extra heated when Kourtney and Khloé clash during a sexy DASH photo shoot.
By Guilherme O.:
As their time in Miami comes to an end, Kourtney must decide if Scott will come back with her or go back to his home in New York. Even though she hasn't seen Scott face-to-face since his violent outburst, Kourtney agrees to go to a therapy session with him to show her support, but ends up more confused than before about whether or not Scott should be in her life while he works on his own issues. When Scott refuses to abide by Kourtney's rules and boundaries, she flies back to L.A. without him. Meanwhile, the sisters say goodbye to the Dash dolls and Khloé wraps up another season of her Miami radio show "Khloé After Dark".
By Guilherme O.:
After several pregnancy tests turn out positive, Kourtney and Scott visit a gynecologist and confirm that's she's pregnant with his child. Now, Kourtney must decide whether or not she's ready to become a mom. She also knows her family still has some hard feelings about Scott, so she's scared to tell them the big news. When Kourtney doesn't get the reactions she wants from her sisters, will it influence her decision to keep the baby? Meanwhile, Khloé and Kourtney's time in Miami has come to a close and the girls throw a big going-away party to say goodbye to all of their new friends.
By Guilherme O.:
The Kardashian sisters may be single--but are they ready to mingle? While Khloé is embracing her single status, Kourtney is still hung up on her ex-boyfriend Scott. Determined to get Kourtney back in the dating pool, she holds open auditions at Dash in the hopes of finding some sexy, single men to go out with in Miami. But after a blind date goes horribly bad, will Kourtney end up missing Scott even more? Meanwhile, Kim comes to visit and gets peer pressured into getting drunk the night before an important photo shoot.
By Guilherme O.:
The family drama really heats up when Kris comes to visit Kourtney in Miami and starts meddling in her relationship with Scott. Kris feels it's her motherly duty to tell Scott to stay away from Kourtney and Mason, but will her plan backfire and push Kourtney to reconcile with Scott instead? Meanwhile, Khloé returns to Miami to help out Kourtney, but she finds out that firing an employee is hard to do when she has to let one of the Dash dolls go.
By Guilherme O.:
When a polo instructor starts flirting with Kourtney, she is disappointed Scott doesn't step in and starts to wonder if they've become too comfortable in their relationship. In an effort to keep him on his toes, Kourtney invites her old Miami flame Jackie over to the apartment to make Scott jealous, but her plan backfires when he unexpectedly turns the tables on them. Meanwhile, Khloé heads back to Los Angeles to spend a few days with her husband Lamar, but she becomes annoyed when Lamar spends his time with her brother Rob.
By Guilherme O.:
It's been six months since Kourtney and Scott broke up, but she still can't get over him. In fact, being in Miami has only made Kourt miss him more, so in an effort to move on, she goes on a boy crazy rampage. Khloé becomes concerned that her sister is spiraling out of control, especially when she ends up spending the night with her brother Rob's best friend JJ. Meanwhile, it's gay pride week in Miami and Khloé is torn when she's asked to participate in a drag queen "Khloé Kardashian Look-a-Like" contest to raise money for gay and lesbian equality.
By Guilherme O.:
Is Scott a changed man or is he back to his hard-partying ways? Kim is worried Scott is spending too much time drinking at Miami clubs and not enough time with his girlfriend and newborn son. When Kim brings up the issue, Kourtney gets defensive and aggravated that her family has never accepted Scott. But when two bottles of Kim's wine go missing, Kourtney is forced to confront Scott about his demons. Meanwhile, Kim is excited to baby-sit Mason while Kourtney is at work, but can she handle the diaper changes, burping, and baby puke? Find out.
By Guilherme O.:
In an attempt to go to Tampa for an appearance, Khloé, Kourtney and their friend Jonathan get stuck in the middle of the Florida Everglades when their car runs out of gas. And when a nasty storm heads their way, they're forced to spend the night in some strangers' home. Meanwhile, Kourtney thinks she could be pregnant after she realizes she has missed her period and comes down with a bad case of morning sickness.
By Guilherme O.:
Scott's hard-partying ways finally catch up with him during an aggressive rage in front of Kourtney. Frightened by this violent side of Scott, Kourtney leaves the apartment with Mason and refuses to see Scott until he seeks professional help. But when Scott calls on Kourtney in his time of need, will she stand firm by her decision or will she crumble and come to his aid? Meanwhile, Kim has a hard time coming to terms with her breakup with Reggie Bush and fears she won't be able to find a partner who can accept her Hollywood lifestyle.
By Guilherme O.:
After she caught her last boyfriend cheating on her, Khloé is having serious trust issues with men. Her friends think it's time for her to move on and try hooking her up with potential dates, but she's still not ready to let down her guard. So when her friend Omarion comes to town for work, Khloe is shocked when he tells her he has feelings for her and would like to try taking their friendship to the next level. But when Khloé doesn't take his advances seriously, she risks ruining their relationship for good. Meanwhile, Kourtney helps save the modeling career of Carrie, one of the Dash employees, by placing her in her friend's fashion show.
By Guilherme O.:
It's a new chapter for the Kardashian sisters as Khloé and Kourtney take over Miami for the summer! As the girls get situated in their new posh surroundings, they must also learn to balance business and pleasure as they prepare to open their new Dash store in only four days. But when Kim flies out to help, she and Khloé get into a big fight that could threaten the future of Dash. Meanwhile, Khloé's nerves start to get the best of her as she readies herself for the debut of her new late-night radio show. And after a night of partying, Khloé finds herself in an awkward situation after she makes out with her cute co-host.
By Guilherme O.:
When Khloé returns to Miami, she vows to take more responsibility at Dash and offers to watch over the store while Kourtney prepares for a post-baby magazine photo shoot. The pressure to look bikini ready pushes Kourtney over the edge and she resorts to extreme dieting and excessive exercise to try and get back her pre-baby figure. Eventually, the stress of the shoot sparks a fight between her and Khloé that could change their relationship forever, resulting in Khloe leaving Miami to return to her husband Lamar in Los Angeles.
By Guilherme O.:
While Kourtney and Mason are out of town, Scott's pals from New York come visit and bring out his bad boy ways. When Kourtney tells Scott she doesn't want him to mix her personal life with her employees, he agrees but eventually crosses the line by inviting the Dash girls to his club opening and disrespecting them in front of his friends. When Kourtney finds out, she confronts Scott about not respecting her wishes. Meanwhile, after a fascinating interview with a forensic specialist, Khloé's obsession with serial killers grows and she starts to accuse Scott of being a sociopath, but her playful innuendos go too far when she puts Scott at risk of losing his job.
By Guilherme O.:
After six months of being single, Kourtney is still having trouble moving on from her ex-boyfriend Scott. So when he calls her out of the blue, she doesn't know what to think. Although she tries to avoid him, Scott tracks Kourtney down at a party and asks her out to dinner, which she can't refuse. Old feelings are rekindled and Kourtney finds herself falling for her ex all over again, but she's still not sure whether she's ready to get back with him, even after the two spend the night together. Meanwhile, when one of the employees at Dash starts stirring up too much drama, Khloé may be forced to fire her.
By Guilherme O.:
After a week in Miami, Kourtney and Khloé start to realize what a party town it can be! When one of the Dash employees finds cocaine inside the store, Khloé keeps it in her purse and pulls it out during her live radio show. Her show is immediately taken off the air, while she's put on probation and pulls it out during her live radio show. Her show is immediately taken off the air, while she's put on probation and ordered to take a mandatory drug test to prove she hasn't been under the influence at work. Will her actions lead her to lose her dream job? Meanwhile, Kourtney makes a new friend Jackie at an art class and finds out that she's bisexual. During a night out at a lesbian club, Kourtney ends up making out with her new gal pal, but could this lead to something more serious?
By Guilherme O.:
With Khloé gone, Kourtney is left to run the Dash boutique in Miami by herself. Knowing Kourtney also has to take care of her baby Mason, Kim takes the first flight out to help fill the void and reconnect with her sister. But the plan turns sour when Kourtney sees Kim is constantly distracted by her BlackBerry. When she takes away Kim's phone and computer, will Kim be able to unplug completely for an entire weekend? Plus, Kim reveals the reason she and Reggie Bush finally broke off their relationship for good, and one of the Dash dolls has an STD scare.
By Guilherme O.:
Khloé is excited that her husband Lamar is coming to visit her in Miami and she wants to make sure she looks absolutely perfect--including down there! So when Khloe doesn't have time to get her usual bikini wax done, she agrees to let Kourtney do it for her, but Khloé is mortified when Kourtney ends up doing more harm than good. Not only does Khloe end up in pain, she's also worried that her one night with Lamar in Miami is ruined. Meanwhile, when Kourtney's old friends come out to visit, she decides to let loose and party like the old days--but when the reality of motherhood settles in, she is reminded that times have changed.
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81 Reggie Bush in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Reggie Bush 2009
82 J.j. Corsini in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami J.j. Corsini 2009
83 Dalton (V) in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Dalton (V) 2009
84 Mark Behar in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Mark Behar 2009
85 Simon Huck in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Simon Huck 2009
86 Scott Disick in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Scott Disick 2009
87 Lenny (XIV) in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Lenny (XIV) 2009
88 LMFAO in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami LMFAO 2009
89 Jamal (XV) in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Jamal (XV) 2009
90 Johnny (XIV) in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Johnny (XIV) 2009
91 Joseph (XXIX) in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Joseph (XXIX) 2009
92 Rob Kardashian in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Rob Kardashian 2009
93 Shad Moss in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Shad Moss 2009
94 Lamar Odom in the movie Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami Lamar Odom 2009
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