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By Eric:
Late night sketch-comedy show based on the humor of MAD magazine. Material includes impersonations, fake commercials, mock movie trailers, and even Spy vs. Spy segments. Competes against Saturday Night Live in it's time slot, but aimed at a younger adult audience.
By Anonymous:
Episode #1311: BBC News, Women's Murder Club 1, Auditions: Monsters, Women's Murder Club 2, Lee vs. Wild, Dream Night, A Good Impression, Auditions: Superheroes, Women's Murder Club 3, Rice and Beans #6, Madden Popcorn, Mini-Mart, A New Boss.
By Anonymous:
Episode #1313: Sensual Opening, The Kardashians, Inside Looking Ahead, New Attitude, One And A Million, Street Kings: Hugh Laurie, Wing Woman Open, Wing Woman #2: Kat Von D, Street Kings: Chris Evans, Investigative Report #1, Buildings: Office, Buildings: Shack, Street Kings: Cedric, Show Close 1313 - Jordan
By Anonymous:
Episode #1315: Albanian Idol, Show Open - Bobby & Dominic Monaghan, Domi-Lost, Star Wars Response, Johnny Gan: Superhero Movie, Barkley/Wade #1, Barkley/Wade #2, Viva La Vote, Barkley/Wade #3, New Fantasy Film, Final Interview, Dog Tv Ad, Show Close - Arden w/ Daheli & Dan
By Anonymous:
Episode #1316: Cold Open - Credit Card, Dr. Phil: Family Counseling, Spin!, 24 with Bobby Lee and Dave Navarro, T-Mobile Fav 5: Oprah Winfrey, Coach Hines: Leadership Day, T-Mobile Fav 5: Simon Cowell, Idol Opening, GTA Boardgame, Sesame Street: Big Trouble, T-Mobile Fav 5: Beyonce Knowles, Luann: Live at the Music Box, Feed the Children, Show Close - Entire Cast.
By Anonymous:
MADtv's 13th season premiere with Carlos Mencia: It's Britney, Bitch!, Music Box w/Carlos Mencia, 24 w/Bobby Lee and Carlos Mencia, Sad Fitty, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, To Mock a Predator, Johnny Sanchez Stand Up, Family Guy 100th Red Carpet, To Mock a Master Chief
By Anonymous:
Episode 1306 with Joey Fatone: 1234, Opening: Taste For Blood, Down Home Pancakes, Bionic Woman, The Historic Music Box Theater with Joey Fatone, Rice and Beans, Hollywood Lip Service, Airline Video, Anjelah Johnson Stand Up, The Band with Joey Fatone, The Band with Joey Fatone Live
By Anonymous:
Episode #1307 with Mo Collins and Debra Wilson: Whitney Opening w/Debra Wilson, Tribute to a Dummy, Lorraine at Universal Studios w/Mo Collins, Beowulf, Investigative Report #2, Debra and Jordan on the Rooftop, Rice and Beans #2, Skittling, Steve Byrne Stand Up, Raging Rudolph, Show Close - Keegan
By Anonymous:
Episode 1309: Avril Lavigne, Interrogation, Auditions: Chemistry, Greenscreen, Prison Break, Hoy En La Television, Worst Magician, A Helping Hand, China Recall Footage, Audition: Fight Scene, Alphabetology of Love, Rice and Beans #4, Stuart Gets New Shoes
By Anonymous:
Episode #1401: Debate Open, Johnny Gan Talk Show, The Hills #1, HNL: Jerry O'Connell, The Hills #2, So You Think You Can Dance?, Viva La Cheata, The Hills #3, Coach Hines: Saturday Session, Fox Eco Party Throw, Fox Eco Party Red Carpet, MAD TV Outtakes, Show Close 1401: Bobby Lee
By Anonymous:
Spring Breaking News: CNN's "The Situation Room" provides coverage on spring break 2009. Thundercloud Spring Break Open: Eddie Thundercloud compares Native American spring break traditions to modern college spring break. New Everlasting Love: Parody of E-Harmony dating commercials.
By Anonymous:
MADtv Episode 1413: The Best of Michael McDonald: Kathy Griffin Intros Show, Dr Phil on Today's Show, Coldplay Video, House Call, Mofaz The Prom, Kathy talks "the Dark Side of Mike McDonald", Sean Gidcomb: Supply Closet, Head of the Family, Stuart Next Door, Moment of Truth, Kathy and Mike Close.
By Anonymous:
MADtv Episode 1414 w/Cheech and Chong: Bobby Confesses Open, New Prank Show, New Everlasting Love, HSN Late Night, Fav 5: Miley Cyrus, Diddy, and Kim Kardashian, Dictionary Words, 24 With Cheech and Chong, Ikeaclasts, Arden Pole Dancing, Johnny's New Cologne
By Anonymous:
MADtv Episode 1415: The Tagger, Witness Performance, New Everlasting Love, Johnny Gan Game Show, VMW Commercial, AVN Awards, Ribbon Cutting, Automated Service, Cottage Life: Springtime, Sounds Like the 70's and 80's, Johnny Gan Game Show Outtakes
By Anonymous:
MADtv Episode 1416: Andy Griffith 2009, Bobby's Last Try, Anthony King#1: New Hearing Aid, Anthony King #2: New Cereal, Sesame Street: Billy's Story, Anthony King #3: Olive Garden, Fave 5: The Hulk, Jessica Simpson, and Matthew McConaghey, Coach Hines: Final Straw, Nacho at the Earth Day Rally, Gym Desk Clerk
By Anonymous:
Episode 1417: MADtv Series Finale on Fox: Fred Willard hosts the "MADtv Gives Back" telethon, and introduces character favorites Oprah Winfrey, Lorraine, Miss Swan, and Kenny Rogers, Sopranos, Obama Video, Johnny Gan, Stuart Montage Clip Package, Nacho at the Phone Bank, Wizard of Oz Lost Episode, Telethon Wrap Up, Coors Commercial
By Anonymous:
"Episode #1403: Mad Men at MADtv, Facebook #1, Nacho: Outside the Apple Store, Mad Men Tag, John Mayer, Project Runway, Nacho: Outside the Apple Store Tag, Albania's Got Talent, Facebook #2, Governor Palin Q&A, Facebook #3, Eagle Eye Open, Living Super Lohan, Mad Men Outtakes, Show Close: Nicole Parker."
By Anonymous:
Episode #1407: Kitchen Nightmares, New Music, Kitchen Nightmares Tag, Nacho at the Bank, Lap Dancing with the Stars, Serena, Lap Dancing with the Stars 2, Nacho at the Bank Tag, Guitar Hero World Tour, Bae Sung: Half-time Show, A Brittle Brit British, Lap Dancing with the Stars tag, Show Close
By Anonymous:
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Full list of actors of MADtv:
1 Jessica Alba in the movie MADtv Jessica Alba 1995
2 June Angela in the movie MADtv June Angela 1995
3 Lisa Arch in the movie MADtv Lisa Arch 1995
4 Erica Ash in the movie MADtv Erica Ash 1995
5 Sammi Hanratty in the movie MADtv Sammi Hanratty 1995
6 Patricia Mizen in the movie MADtv Patricia Mizen 1995
7 Nicole Narain in the movie MADtv Nicole Narain 1995
8 Sherry Zerwin in the movie MADtv Sherry Zerwin 1995
9 Travis Barker in the movie MADtv Travis Barker 1995
10 Thomas DeLonge in the movie MADtv Thomas DeLonge 1995
11 Taylor Emerson in the movie MADtv Taylor Emerson 1995
12 Mack 10 in the movie MADtv Mack 10 1995
13 Orlando Jones in the movie MADtv Orlando Jones 1995
14 Pat Kilbane in the movie MADtv Pat Kilbane 1995
15 Phil LaMarr in the movie MADtv Phil LaMarr 1995
16 Will Sasso in the movie MADtv Will Sasso 1995
17 Aries Spears in the movie MADtv Aries Spears 1995
18 Jim (I) Wise in the movie MADtv Jim (I) Wise 1995
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