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Reserved and cool, Margaret is the French wife of Peter, a British diplomat posted to France with their son Nelson. She takes a lover, a chimpanzee she bought from a zoo and installed in a flat. Peter asks that she bring the chimp, Max, to live with them. He obsesses about Margaret and Max's relationship, hiring a prostitute so he can watch Max perform (Max declines) and peering through the keyhole as Margaret and Max sleep. He tries to kill Max, then finally accepts the ape's presence. When she is called away to her ill mother's bedside, Max stops eating. Worried, Peter takes Max and Nelson to the countryside so Max can be with Margaret; once there, Nature beckons. Is Max lost?
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1 Nicole Calfan in the movie Max mon amour Nicole Calfan 1986
2 Victoria Abril in the movie Max mon amour Victoria Abril 1986
3 Ailsa Berk in the movie Max mon amour Ailsa Berk 1986
4 Diana Quick in the movie Max mon amour Diana Quick 1986
5 Milena Vukotic in the movie Max mon amour Milena Vukotic 1986
6 Bernard Haller in the movie Max mon amour Bernard Haller 1986
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