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This short film is based on the neuropsychiatric disorder 'Misophonia'. The director (Alice Groves) has gone many years suffering from this. She went to the doctors explaining my issues and they instantly made out I was crazy, hearing voices etc. After they finally heard her out (whilst still thinking she was nuts) they referred Alice to CBT. CBT helped a tiny bit, but mainly for her anxiety, since he had never come across anyone with the points she was making. A year later she still suffer from Misophonia and Misophonia still remains ignored and unrecognised. So Alice has made this short to draw more attention towards the disorder and hopefully bring some more clarity towards it. Travis and Tara meet but for a second and so begins the Misperceptions. 'Life is all about choices', how many times have we said or heard that statement. What happens when your only choices are heart wrenching. How can we make a statement without knowing ones blessings or burdens?
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1 Erica Andrews in the movie Misperceptions Erica Andrews 2013
2 Chandler Coy in the movie Misperceptions Chandler Coy 2013
3 Tamitha Curiel in the movie Misperceptions Tamitha Curiel 2013
4 Jimmy Barbosa in the movie Misperceptions Jimmy Barbosa 2013
5 Angie Lantz in the movie Misperceptions Angie Lantz 2013
6 Linda Zuniga in the movie Misperceptions Linda Zuniga 2013
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