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By J. Spurlin:
The ventriloquist Noel Abbott is performing at a children's hospital when his dummy, Archie, begins saying unpleasant things. Noel knows it's time to get help, but he doesn't seek a psychiatrist. His next stop is the home of the woodcarver Victor March, who is crestfallen to see his one-time protégé gone mad. He learns too late the young man is also homicidal. When the police show up, they have no reason to suspect this personable entertainer is the one who murdered the kindly Mr. March. But Kate Columbo, an intrepid reporter for a neighborhood newspaper, notices a few things the police don't.
Angry that her handsome husband is divorcing her for Patty, her partner in her high-end catering business, Sybil is determined to have her revenge on both of them. She substitutes lumpfish caviar for beluga in order to make the allergic Patty so ill that she's helpless to prevent Sybil from arranging a crash between her car and a speeding train. Unfortunately for the killer caterer Patty has given persistent and inquisitive local reporter Kate Columbo access to their operation for a human interest story.
Retired Scotland Yard Chief Inspector I. A. Morly is the author of a best-selling book on perfect murders and a popular lecturer on the ladies' club circuit. However, one of his cases, the killing of a prostitute, is was really committed by Morley himself although officially it's attributed to a presumed dead prime suspect whose body was never found. The innocent man turns up in America determined to make Morley pay for his crime. In the ensuing struggle, the accused murderer becomes Morly's second victim. Although the wily sleuth plants red herrings to confuse the police, he hasn't reconvened with the dogged and persistent Mrs. Columbo.
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1 Ceil Cabot in the movie Mrs. Columbo Ceil Cabot 1979
2 Ahna Capri in the movie Mrs. Columbo Ahna Capri 1979
3 Lynn Carlin in the movie Mrs. Columbo Lynn Carlin 1979
4 Helena Carroll in the movie Mrs. Columbo Helena Carroll 1979
5 Elizabeth Eis in the movie Mrs. Columbo Elizabeth Eis 1979
6 Edie Adams in the movie Mrs. Columbo Edie Adams 1979
7 Alma Beltran in the movie Mrs. Columbo Alma Beltran 1979
8 Bibi Besch in the movie Mrs. Columbo Bibi Besch 1979
9 Loanne Bishop in the movie Mrs. Columbo Loanne Bishop 1979
10 Leann Hunley in the movie Mrs. Columbo Leann Hunley 1979
11 Nancy Jeris in the movie Mrs. Columbo Nancy Jeris 1979
12 Phyllis Flax in the movie Mrs. Columbo Phyllis Flax 1979
13 Linda Fontana in the movie Mrs. Columbo Linda Fontana 1979
14 Lili Haydn in the movie Mrs. Columbo Lili Haydn 1979
15 Jo McDonnell in the movie Mrs. Columbo Jo McDonnell 1979
16 Kate Mulgrew in the movie Mrs. Columbo Kate Mulgrew 1979
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