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Pepper needs to go undercover when she and Crowley get brought into a case that has seen a parole officer gunned down in cold blood. Suspicion falls on the officer's case load. While investigating the murder things take a strange and all the threads converge in a surprising climax
By Peter Harris:
An icy lawyer and his lackey, a music producer, both of whom are shaking down criminal suspects for money to buy off the charges against them, see the chance to pin their crimes on a young cop who's too eager to bust suspects and rise in the ranks. Features two good gunfights.
By Brian Washington :
Pepper and the squad investigate a pair of alleged rapes. The first involves a wealthy woman who claims that she was attacked on the eve of her daughter's wedding. The second involves a the rape and murder of a married woman, who was known for being very wild. The squad then arrest a black man for the first rape, but serious questions arise about his guilt and whether a rape took place in the first place.
By Jasper P. Morgan:
They call themselves the "Death Squad" and they make their fellow students at Southern High go through hell. Extortion, beatings, rape - a bunch of rich kids think they have the power, and an equally power-hungry headmaster keeps eyes and ears closed. When a teacher is severely beaten and ends up in hospital, Crowley and Anderson move in. Crowley takes over as a teacher while Pepper goes undercover at the school clinic. Soon, the gang terrorizes another teacher, Karen Vaugn. But this time they go too far - when Karen is abducted, beaten and raped, her husband goes on an avenging rampage, and it seems that nothing and nobody can stop him - not even Sergeants Crowley and Anderson. But soon Frank Vaugn realizes that he has bitten off more than he can chew...
By Ophiuchus811:
When politician Edward Littel's car is found bombed and dumped in a lake, a single fingerprint on the dashboard proves he was accompanied by an exotic dancer named Paris Palmer when the explosion occurred. Pepper dons a thong and the unlikely moniker of "Flaxy Dupree" and hits the go-go joint where the dead girl worked. Charming the establishment's owner, Andrew Simms, with her aloof, hard-to-get charms and hip-grinding employment audition, Pepper initiates an immediate rapport with him. Crowley questions Littel's wife, Christina, and Littel's in-laws, the powerful Van Dyke dynasty of California, and eventually learns from the Special Prosecutor's Office that the Van Dykes despised the son-in-law for his political desires to clean up corruption. Suspicious that widow Christina's grief may be disingenuous at best, Crowley leaks that Pepper is an agent with the police department. Startled at this revelation, Littel's wife shoots Simms to keep him quiet, with Simms confessing to Pepper in his last breath that Christina, having learned of her husband's affair with the dancer, hired Simms to kill them both, using Simms' criminal record from Tennessee and the possibility of extradition as blackmail. Pepper makes a poetic (though looped) comment about the weather, and she and Crowley get a great freeze frame in the sunset as it filters through the sidewalk foliage.
By Ophiuchus811:
Pepper is undercover as president of the United States, when she's kidnapped during a bank hold-up; Pepper charms one of the robbers and his brother to survive, while the police force chases them into the desert.
By Ophiuchus811:
Sandra Dee is a blind mom in the desert whom Pepper is protecting. But, being the desert, Angie's also got big dark sunglasses, so when the mob shows up to grab Sandy while she's inside, they mistake one for the other, chasing Pepper into the yucca, baby in tow.
By Bill Koenig:
An actress involved in making "provocotive" movies turns up dead. Pepper goes undercover to find out more about the late woman's employers. Eventually, she is found out, causing a foot chase with Pepper clothed in lingerie. Things look bad until the brother of the dead woman saves her life.
By Ophiuchus811:
It's hot and the air keeps going out in the police station. A street kid threatens Pepper while she drags him into a prison cell, making her wonder why the guys seem to take their rage out on women, if there's one around. Then, frustrated that their latest drug bust (Nehemiah Persoff) has already made bail before they can finish their drinks at Vinnie's, Pepper leaves the bar and almost gets run over on purpose in the parking lot, but, being a good cop, she just goes home and doesn't tell anybody about it until later. When she finally does, Bill is pissed, and they suspect Persoff, who just grins in interrogation. She then wakes up in the middle of the night with a cloaked figure hovering over her with a knife (later shown to be a toy) to her throat who swears he could kill her whenever he wants. She "wrestles" it out of his hands and he escapes through an open sliding glass door in her disco bedroom and into the night. She's placed in protection, and when she goes to meet her snitch and someone in a sluggish, 15 year old hearse car (which can't be caught) takes a shot at her, Crowley literally picks up a screeching Danny DeVito and hauls him off to jail under Pepper's gasping protestations. Later still, someone blows up a talcum powder bomb in the garage of the building she's being protected in. Pepper goes and vacations in a cabin with no phone in the mountains. She gets chased by an "old" man with a rifle until Angie trips and he catches her. Turns out his son died in prison after Pepper sent him up for rape, and Mr. Valerie Harper gives an 18th century speech about how women "ask for it" with their wily ways and plunging necklines. As usual, a ranger out of nowhere appears to save Angie, so when Mr. Valerie turns in response to the approaching uniform, she slips a Freudian log into his belly. Pep and the guys have a beer back at the cabin and Pepper swoons over the hot ranger and makes a funny accent.
By Jasper P. Morgan:
When the department decides to cut one of the investigator positions of Sergeant Crowley's CC Unit, Joe Styles ends up being transferred to another section where he is assigned night shift duty. While he is becoming more and more depressed, his wife Harriet battles with the threat of breast cancer. While Pepper is trying to get Harriet through the predicament of hospital checkup procedures, young and wealthy Joslyn Westmore is being kidnapped and held for ransom. Her husband, board chairman of a large company, is desperate. When Sergeant Crowley decides to get Joe Styles back on the team to stand in for the Westmore's chauffeur who has to deliver the ransom, he doesn't know that Joe ends up between a rock and a hard place.
By Ophiuchus811:
Pepper goes undercover as a nurse-on-the-run to gain employment at an old folks' home where the female patients are being knocked off for their checks by a trio of homicidal lesbians. Eventually obtaining a confession from one of the culprits, Pepper confesses that her female college roommate had a crush on her, and, therefore, "I know what a love like yours can do to a person" - Pepper's relationship left intentionally ambiguous.
By Peter Harris:
Pepper meets up with her childhood mentor, now an elderly cattle rancher. The rancher, facing mounting expenses due to the illness of his wife, has linked up with a beef company that steals cows. But the rancher becomes disgusted with the operation when it murders two subordinates and when a young-punk assistant rustler, in business on his own, draws down on him in an argument. The rancher decides to break the gang on his own.
By Peter Harris:
In this remake of a "Police Story" episode from that show's first season (but with a different outcome), an old pensioner celebrates the Christmas season by robbing banks through trickery, usually donning a Santa suit and passing a note claiming he has an armed partner (or, in one case, getting a sidewalk Santa to stand by while he robs the bank in civilian clothes). The old man lives very quietly, except that he's a forceful advocate for the elderly. Pepper and Crowley begin to suspect that he's not pulling the robberies for himself, but to benefit other old people.
Pepper gets involved in a child kidnapping case when a close personal friend has his child taken. There are further questions raised over the origins of the child in the first place. People want to know - who exactly is the mother of the child to begin with
By Jasper P. Morgan:
A war is raging in the world of the rich and beautiful, a war between the model agencies of John Paul and his rival, former star model Liz Adams. When Liz is killed one night, Pepper Anderson goes undercover to pose as a model. Soon she finds out that there is more than one person who had reason to want to see Liz Adams dead. When beautiful Pepper finally crosses paths with the killer, things are getting real ugly for her...
By Peter Harris:
Bob Crane plays a freewheeling disk jockey with a chat-show atmosphere in his studio (which he had in real life). The disk jockey's wife is found fatally shot with his gun, and the DJ himself is the prime suspect, since he knew of her affair with another man. The audience saw the dead woman and her lover wrestling over the gun and a shot being fired, but the film editor took a few extra frames off the film immediately after the shot being fired -- a crucial plot point later on when the cornered lover claims the bullet went wild and didn't hit anybody. So if the struggle didn't result in the wife's killing ... what did? An eerie precursor to the scandal that arose over Bob Crane's sex-crazed life which most people believe led to his murder (depicted in the movie "Auto Focus," with Greg Kinnear as Crane). Features a high-octane powerboat chase in Los Angeles Harbor ending in a spectacular crash.
By Gary R. Peterson:
Four Korean War vets armed with M-16s and a bazooka prepare to pull off Operation: Sidewinder, a heist of an armored car carrying a multi-million dollar payload. One of the men's penchant for prostitutes puts Pepper in the action undercover.
By Ophiuchus811:
An angular blonde gets off the plane at LAX and takes a cab to her brother in law, Julian's house. She's looking for her sister, Beth, missing six weeks. In his study, there's the woman's portrait, looking suspiciously like a brunette version of Pettet - they are sisters after all. Mute from a childhood growth and resulting surgery, the sister can only communicate through sign-language. Her brother-in-law's secretary, his lover, makes their relationship obvious by her unsuspecting, "Darling!", as she enters the study, and Beth's sister leaves in a huff. While in the middle of another fur-heist case Pepper gets drawn into the case of the missing Beth as she can understand sign language. When the blonde sister winds up stabbed in the shoulder in her hotel room and found by a maid, she claims her brother-in-law is responsible. In interrogation by Pepper and Crowley, the brother-in-law irks the pair by calling the sister "pathetic" and questions Crowley's authority and competence. The brother-in-law denies responsibility for the stabbing. The sister reveals letters that Beth wrote to her which seem to implicate the brother-in-law in something unwholesome. These lead the squad to find a decomposed, decapitated body buried in Northern California they think may be the sister, Beth. During an inquest, the DA verifies that Robert Webber sometimes has the opportunity to use lye in his business, the substance used to speed up the body's decomposition. Webber looks pretty guilty, until Pepper, at home with Pettet downstairs on the couch, gets a call from Crowley: the forensic lab has determined the body is that of an elderly woman. That, and a phone bill revealing a call to the Pettet's native Nova Scotia, prompts Pepper to dial it. The fussy Nova Scotian housekeeper is irritated by the late-night call and when Pepper asks for the sister, she's informed she died six months ago but that her sister, Beth, is out in California. Pepper smells a rat, and goes downstairs to find the sister off the couch doing midnight dish duty. Pepper realizes that the sister is, indeed, Beth herself, and has dyed her hair and adorned contact-lenses in order to pull the ruse. Unable to coax her to put down the loaded gun she's had stuck in Pepper's face for several minutes, Pep jumps her, they fall behind the couch; the gun goes off, and Pepper gets up - and promptly collapses. The guys get there and receive an improbable call from the airport revealing that the sister's flight out will be delayed by a few minutes. Everyone recognizes this as the unlikely plot device it is and they rush for LAX, leaving Pepper behind. There, they spot Joanna Pettet and chase her down, Crowley pulling the fake scar from her throat, thus permitting her to scream.
By Peter Harris:
Stopped at a traffic light while driving to work, Crowley notices the driver of the next car is unusually nervous and sweaty, and apparently has "made" Crowley as a cop. Crowley shows his badge and orders the driver to pull over, which he does. After questioning the man, Crowley forces his car trunk -- and finds a woman inside, unconscious from multiple stab wounds. The driver flees on foot, but Crowley tackles him. But Crowley had no legal justification to search the car, as a furious police captain reminds him, and the man -- who was the assailant -- is released from custody. The woman dies without regaining consciousness. Pepper and Crowley soon find evidence that the man is a totally psychotic woman-hater and that the woman in the trunk (played by a pre-"Vegas" Phyllis Davis in one very short scene) was his third victim after insulting him. With the boss still breathing down their necks, Pepper and Crowley dog the man, his wife and his "real" mistress, hoping to get one or the other to break down and force the killer's hand again. Contains an incredibly stupid final chase scene.
By Peter Harris:
A liquor-store stakeout for two robbers goes bad when one of the two cops is blown away by a shotgun before his partner can take down the two robbers. The crooks escape and wind up in Los Angeles, where the surviving cop joins Pepper's team. The cop goes right up the leader's shotgun barrel to knock him unconscious. While Pepper and Crowley wonder about the visiting cop's stability, they get word that a terrorist is planting bombs. This becomes an issue when they take the crooks to the airport and the crooks escape. Pepper and Crowley learn that one of the bombs is in the airport and might take out innocent people, so they have three people to catch. The visiting officer knows it too, and for undisclosed reasons he seems hell-bent reckless on taking down the bad guys if it's the last thing he does. Diana Muldaur literally phones in her part as the visiting officer's wife in New York City.
By Jasper P. Morgan:
Rookie cop Lance Johnson is new on the beat in one of the most dangerous areas in town. He makes it a rule to become acquainted with folks there, being real friendly and helpful. One night he is lured into a trap by a local motorbike gang and severely beaten. While he is fighting for his life in hospital, Sergeants Crowley and Anderson are trying to investigate but end up facing a wall of silence. When the owner of a local café finally breaks his silence, his son is stabbed to death. Still, the wealthy parents of the neighborhood protect their sons and treat the owner of the café like a traitor. Slowly, the CC unit is closing the net around the killing gang, but soon the situation is about to get out of control. It's up to Crowley and Anderson to stop the leader of the kill-crazy gang before more innocent blood is spilled...
By Jasper P. Morgan:
A sweet smile, a charming face, an enchanting voice, a helpful and friendly employee - Kathleen is all that. She's also an ex con woman who happens to work as executive secretary for the investment company of Mr. Saunders. When she one day calls Sergeant Crowley's CC unit and advices them that her office is about be be robbed, Crowley is faced with one of the most baffling cases of his career. Soon, he finds himself in the middle of a dangerous cat-and-mouse game - and at the wrong end of a gun...
By Ophiuchus811:
When a patrol cop is shot to death just before dawn in a Los Angeles neighborhood which turns out to be a hot-bed for cult activity, and Monica Dunlap - the daughter of a powerful California businessman - is arrested in a nearby safe-house for the P.C.U. (the Peoples' Combat Unit) Pepper poses as a mysterious '60s activist/terrorist on the lam for years who surfaces in order to infiltrate the group.
By tomtrekp:
A complaint from a distressed mother leads the police to investigate the Classic Modeling Agency. It's run by Ted Adrian and is actually a front for his business of supplying young girls to the porn business and overseas white slave trade. Pepper and Crowley use a young trainee to go undercover and pose as a young model to get close to Adrian's business.
By Peter Harris:
When a Greek shop owner is found gunned down, Crowley is surprised to learn that robbery wasn't the apparent motive -- the victim was petrified with terror even before the fatal shot was fired. The killer dons a nun's habit and walks with a profound limp. The only clue is a dried buttercup flower dropped next to the victim. When another family member is killed in the same manner, the team realizes a serial killer is at work, and the clues are designed to remind the victims of a dead or absent woman back in the old country, someone whom they wronged terribly and are now to pay the price.
By Ophiuchus811:
Ian McShane plays an insurance scammer and Ida Lupino is his partner. They fake and contrive accidents to collect the dough. Pepper "foils" a purse-snatching by getting knocked-down in a parking lot, falling in a pool and getting hit by a truck within a matter of a few seconds. In the hospital with a rag on her head, Pepper overhears the ambulance chasers pressuring the other patients on the ward. Pepper intuits a plot and once Bill finds her, they scheme to scam the scammers. Pepper charms McShane instantly into telling her all their secrets and, just as fast, a security guard quite unconvincingly blows her cover by insisting he hadn't seen her since he retired from the police force - all within earshot of Lupino. Exposed but unawares, Pepper still thinks she's undercover despite being told by an aging and suicidal lawyer in this "firm" that they're onto her. And, the revelation that she's got a badge doesn't guide them to get out of town but instead to kill her with a vat of gasoline in the trunk of a car. So when she tells the driver they're being set up for death, he just pushes her out the door onto the street and then angrily drives into oblivion. Conflagrations ensue on the highway. Pepper then goes to the apartment of the wife of the now-dead driver (one of the firm's partner/victims) and promptly gets shoved in a closet and the room is set on fire. Crowley arrives just in time, shooting the arsonist, and breaking Pepper out of the closet in the back of the smoke filled room. They meet Lupino in a darkened mall who starts shooting at them. Pepper being Pepper, she has no gun. An unconscious person on the floor literally trips Lupino and she falls, and is promptly arrested - By Crowley. Pepper and Crowley show up at a "fancy" restaurant and arrest McShane.
By Ophiuchus811:
Following the gangland killing of a mafia thug during which an imprisoned don's name is uttered, Pepper makes an undercover trip to a clandestine, high-class gambling casino and witnesses first-hand the game "taken" by the henchman from this new circle of crooks. After the man who ran the illegal casino is blown up in his car in front of Pepper and Crowley, the unit tries to flush out this gang once again by setting themselves up for "protectionism". Eventually, the kingpin falsely blamed for the series of takeovers sends his assistant out on the streets, learning that a local, corrupt mafia lawyer has brainstormed the scam, using the kingpin's name for purposes of leverage. Warned that the police were about to bust him, the lawyer moves to dispose of his incriminating records - but not before Crowley and Pepper can stop him. Tossing his box of important paperwork into the wind, the gusts from the nearby docks scatter the records in a thousand different directions, leaving Pepper and Bill to scramble to recover them.
By tomtrekp:
The police are after a gang of bank robbers made up of 3 men and 2 women. The gang has been very successful and done very little to identify themselves. They have very few leads until Pepper uncovers a clue which leads them to Las Vegas where they believe the gang is from. Soon Pepper, Crowley and other officers are undercover staking out various banks in the hopes of being inside when they strike next.
By Peter Harris:
The Korean mob (led by Philip Ahn in his last role) tries to put muscle on Koreatown by extortion and murder. An immigrant organizes a neighborhood association to fight them, so the gang targets the honest man's cute 8-year-old niece for kidnapping, with the price for her safe return being that he remain silent. They then arrange for her to be "adopted" and sent back to Korea by a native family they've hired, using their Washington connections to threaten the man with arrest for violating immigration laws if he, Pepper or a friendly journalist interfere. The title comes from a Jimmy Carter speech denouncing the South Korean regime (at the time) for violating the rights of its citizens. Plays very much like a "Lou Grant" episode until the final 10 minutes. This was the only major role for young actress Shang-Hur.
By Ophiuchus811:
Frank Converse plays an airline pilot from Pepper's past who comes back to get her just a year or two after his wife's death.
Due to a string of high end burglaries, Anderson and Crowley try an undercover sting operation by opening a pawn shop on the West side. Pepper posses as a buyer of quality antiques based out of Paris to try and lure the gang into making a mistakes.
Crowley comes under intense scrutiny after a sting operation at a trucking firm goes horribly wrong leading to the death of an underage youth. He becomes disgruntled when he realizes the department is putting the rights of criminals ahead of his 18 years with the force.
By Ophiuchus811:
A small time druggie commits suicide and Pepper poses as her sister to nab the dealers, until it turns out they've seen her photo - and they've realized it isn't Angie. So the squad moves in on the bad guys who have Pepper in the meth-shack, and she jumps through a glass window before a shell hits the building and the whole place blows up.
By Skip Eastport:
In Mexico, Crowley persuades syndicate member Joey Marr to return to the United States and turn state's evidence against his peers. Pepper and Royster meet Marr in San Diego where he and Pepper pretend to be married until he can testify. However, the group is being followed by two hit men who disable Styles and blow-up Royster's car in an attempt to silence Marr. Pepper and Marr manage to escape, and after a car chase with the hit men, they seek refuge in a seaside hotel. Back in Los Angeles, Crowley learns that he and the team have been duped in the Marr case. Meanwhile, Pepper inadvertently discovers Joey's true identity, and the two become much more intimate as the hired killers close in on them. Pepper attempts to get herself and Marr safely back to Los Angeles, but her efforts culminate in tragedy.
By Peter Harris:
The series' only two-hour one-part episode centers on the theft of a madam's client list, which will be worth a fortune in the hands of someone unscrupulous enough to blackmail the various Johns on the list. A seedy, elderly private eye (Jack Gilford) is the first to get his hands on the book. The English reviewers of this episode (which was shown in two parts in the United Kingdom) loved the first hour but thought the second one only a little above average.
By Brian Washington :
A rapist/killer terrorizes a hospital. His targets are the wives of patients staying at the hospital. Pepper and Bill go undercover to try to flush him out and immediately they think that a very amorous parking attendant is the prime suspect. However, they soon find out that it is someone who is the least likely to commit the crimes.
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1 Teda Bracci in the movie Police Woman Teda Bracci 1974
2 Robin Braxton in the movie Police Woman Robin Braxton 1974
3 Melendy Britt in the movie Police Woman Melendy Britt 1974
4 Joyce Brothers in the movie Police Woman Joyce Brothers 1974
5 Susan Buckner in the movie Police Woman Susan Buckner 1974
6 Joyce Bulifant in the movie Police Woman Joyce Bulifant 1974
7 Brooke Bundy in the movie Police Woman Brooke Bundy 1974
8 Fritzi Burr in the movie Police Woman Fritzi Burr 1974
9 Irene Byatt in the movie Police Woman Irene Byatt 1974
10 Edie Adams in the movie Police Woman Edie Adams 1974
11 Neile Adams in the movie Police Woman Neile Adams 1974
12 Andrea Adler in the movie Police Woman Andrea Adler 1974
13 Andra Akers in the movie Police Woman Andra Akers 1974
14 Marilyn Alex in the movie Police Woman Marilyn Alex 1974
15 Mary (I) Alice in the movie Police Woman Mary (I) Alice 1974
16 Jonelle Allen in the movie Police Woman Jonelle Allen 1974
17 Juli Andelman in the movie Police Woman Juli Andelman 1974
18 Loni Anderson in the movie Police Woman Loni Anderson 1974
19 Cynthia Avila in the movie Police Woman Cynthia Avila 1974
20 Wanda Bailey in the movie Police Woman Wanda Bailey 1974
21 Elizabeth Baur in the movie Police Woman Elizabeth Baur 1974
22 Lucille Benson in the movie Police Woman Lucille Benson 1974
23 Diana Benton in the movie Police Woman Diana Benton 1974
24 Susanne Benton in the movie Police Woman Susanne Benton 1974
25 Cynthia Berger in the movie Police Woman Cynthia Berger 1974
26 Bibi Besch in the movie Police Woman Bibi Besch 1974
27 Timothy Blake in the movie Police Woman Timothy Blake 1974
28 Tracy Bogart in the movie Police Woman Tracy Bogart 1974
29 Vivian Bonnell in the movie Police Woman Vivian Bonnell 1974
30 Linda Borgeson in the movie Police Woman Linda Borgeson 1974
31 Val Bisoglio in the movie Police Woman Val Bisoglio 1974
32 James Keach in the movie Police Woman James Keach 1974
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