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By Anonymous:
In Santa Barbara, California, the fascinating and tumultuous life of the rich Capwells around who gravitate other families, from the Lockridges, the rival family, to the Andrades or the Perkins, more modest families but which destinies know the same torments.
By Rob:
Santa Barbara revolves around the shock waves that ensue from Sophia Capwell's child by Lionel Lockridge, Channing, Jr. passed off as the second son of her husband, C.C. Capwell. Channing impregnates the maid's daughter, Santana, and as Sophia argues with her son about it, she accidentally shoots him to death. C.C. is furious at the loss of his son. Sophia flees the country, eventually returning disguised as a man, with the aid of daughter Kelly. In the meantime, C.C. wants his new grandson, Channing's son by Santana, and to get custody of him, Santana is institutionalized. C.C. remarries that vixen too endearing to be a villain, Robin Mattson's Gina, and they adopt Brandon, Santana's baby by the late Channing. Santana tries to reclaim her son, but winds up with visitation rights. Brandon is happy with Gina as his mother, with his father being the man who was his grandmother's husband, but biologically not related to him at all. Gina and C.C. wind up divorcing, Gina remarries Mason, C.C.'s son by first wife Pamela. That marriage does not last, either. Sophia and C.C. reunite, but their remarriage does not last one year before they separate again. The enormity of Sophia's infidelity and the true paternity of Channing serve as the pretext for the disappearance of her most famous offspring, daughter Eden. While the extraordinarily popular actress who portrayed Eden tried other roles in other productions, her absence was explained by her insanity at not being able to cope with the discovery of Channing's true parentage.
By Marina Aunapuu :
CC Capwell is a multimillionaire. He is a very powerful and greedy man, who loves money and authority. His children are: Eden, Kelly, Ted, Greg and adoptive child Brandon. CC loves Sophia. Her children are: Eden, Kelly, Ted and Brick. CC's worse enemy is Gina. Gina is Brandon's foster-mother. She raises him. CC wants to do it himself. Brandon's real mother is Santana. Eden loves Cruz. Cruz is a policeman. Julia and Mason are divorced, they have a daughter Samantha. Lockridge family persecutes Capwells. Minx Lockridge is an old lady, she is the mother of Lionel and Cassie. Lionel is in love with Augusta. It is a strange couple, just like Gina and Keith. "Santa Barbara" is a serial about these people, their relatives and friends.
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1 Signy Coleman in the movie Santa Barbara Signy Coleman 1984
2 Colleen Dion in the movie Santa Barbara Colleen Dion 1984
3 Lenore Kasdorf in the movie Santa Barbara Lenore Kasdorf 1984
4 Paige Gankema in the movie Santa Barbara Paige Gankema 1984
5 Lisa Gressett in the movie Santa Barbara Lisa Gressett 1984
6 Devon Pierce in the movie Santa Barbara Devon Pierce 1984
7 Paulina Rothe in the movie Santa Barbara Paulina Rothe 1984
8 Sophie Rothe in the movie Santa Barbara Sophie Rothe 1984
9 Cailtin Moore in the movie Santa Barbara Cailtin Moore 1984
10 Erin (I) Moore in the movie Santa Barbara Erin (I) Moore 1984
11 Roscoe Born in the movie Santa Barbara Roscoe Born 1984
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