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By Troll:
Aboard a vessel in Mannheim Harbor young sailor Walter Hubert is preparing for shore leave. His first stop is a local pub where he has his first beer and is looking for a new job. A job that would not take him too far away from Milli, the girl he intends to marry. Too bad Milli doesn't think the same. She never planned to accept his proposal. In the middle of the night Hubert finds himself out in the street, gets into a fight and in the heat of the moment a knife is planted in somebody's gut. It's now up to investigator Eugen Lutz and his team to find out what happened and why.
By Thilo Güntzel:
In their second case as part of the popular Tatort TV franchise Weimar detective couple Dorn and Lessing are called to investigate an armed robbery in a which a bystander is shot and killed. In between taking care of their new baby they follow a trail leading to carnivals and nudist colonies. A swinging city official appears to be leading a double life.
By FeiM:
Ein Räuber erschießt vor einer Bank den Fahrer eines Geldtransporters und flüchtet ohne seine Beute mit einem geklauten Wagen, in welchem sich ein kleines Mädchen befindet. Er stellt den Wagen ab, läßt das Mädchen frei und entkommt. Die Kommissare Ritter und Stark finden die Kleine und stellen erstaunt fest, daß der Vater des Mädchens derjenige war, der die 3 Millionen DM in der Bank bestellt hatte. Das kann doch kein Zufall sein! Der Vater (Jochen Horst), ein amerikanischer Pelzhändler steht kurz vor der Pleite und dem Ende seiner Ehe. Er beschließt, seine Tochter in die USA zu entführen. Mit seiner Frau hat er einen massiven Streit, er wirft sie aus der Wohnung. Am nächsten Morgen ist das Mädchen verschwunden und ihr Vater liegt mit eingeschlagenem Schädel im Flur. Die Mutter hatte den Räuber ausfindig gemacht (dank einer zufälligen Entdeckung des Mädchens) und diesen beauftragt, ihren Mann zu erschlagen. Nun glaubt sie, der Räuber habe ihre Tochter entführt und bietet ihm Lösegeld an. In Aussicht auf Geld sagt dieser nichtsahnend zu. So macht sich die Frau mit 30.000 DM zum Übergabeort, ebenso wie Stark und Ritter, die das Mädchen mittlerweile gefunden haben. Es kommt zur Tragödie.
By Troll:
In Frankfurt con man Johannes Stein is making easy money with his latest trick: He is selling "Gold" to unsuspecting people. He too talks the Wimper family into buying some, later to be stored in a Swiss bank. After seeing proof, Grandpa Wimper is eager to buy. Little does he know about that "Gold". When Stein tries to sell some more to a business tycoon, he gets busted and has to flee. It's now up to investigator Konrad to track down the swindler and to arrest him.
By JW-30:
An American model is found murdered in her hotel room in Ludwigshaven, stabbed several times. Her husband Tom Soengen, a German actor with a promising career in Hollywood, has been supposedly far away; her affair, a Dutch photographer, has taken photographs of her dead body - did he commit the murder? While Kriminalhauptkommissarin Lena Odenthal collects evidence and suspects, an American police officer gets sent to investigate. Together with her assistant, they confront the other three: Max Tidof, his assistant Romano and his agent Frenzie. Was Max jealous? Why are the wedding rings engraved with "Oscar & Constance"? And what was the photographers role in this play? - As the story develops, secrets are revealed bit by bit, until the end...
By STeve:
Beim Eislaufen bricht Schimanski ein und entdeckt die Leiche eines Mädchens. Frau Czermak,die verwitwete Mutter,hat keine Ahnung,wer die Kleine getötet haben könnte. Auch ihr im Heim lebender Sohn Markus hüllt sich in Schweigen. Schimanski entdeckt,daß Herr Czermak vor seinem Tod einen gewissen Köglmeier wegen Kindesmißbrauchs vor Gericht brachte - erfolglos!
By Troll:
Kressin is back in Cologne, where he works for the customs office. Soon he is ordered to a new case. A gang of bootleggers keep outwitting the customs authorities. Kressin's colleagues can't find any evidence of a crime. Everytime the suspicious trucks are checked at the border, their load is always correct, as declared. Kressin now has to find the liquor and the bootleggers' HQ.
By Troll:
Customs Investigator Kressin is on his way back home when he notices the strange behavior of tourist guide Ben Canitz. The next day the Papers read that Canitz has been killed. Kressin teams up with investigator Paul Trimmel in Hamburg and soon discovers a gang of drug smugglers. Can they stop the smugglers and arrest the killer?
By cinnamonswirl:
Maria Wagner gives birth to a baby in secret and drops him off at the hospital. That night the baby is kidnapped and the nurse who picked him up is killed. After Maria's husband, Andreas, dies, Detectives Ballauf and Schenk realize that there is something strange about the Wagner family.
By Pomeiske:
A female body in bags has been found at Aassee. Just like 50 years before. But the prosecutor denies any connection to the murder of Rohrbach in 1950's. It was an embarrassing trial; shoddy police work, wrongful conviction and a murderer on the loose. A student Laura Schott asks the police for help because she believes the body is her university lecturer Solveig Helmhövel. When the police interviews her husband, they get to know Solveig is on vacation. Still, there is reason to believe Solveig is missing at the hotel. The Ukrainian Dr. Oleg Buykov also contacts the police, telling them his wife is missing.
By Holger Zimmermann:
Young teenager Pauline has been found dead after a fire department party. Charlotte Lindholm investigates. Who is responsible for the girl's death?
By Oliver Heidelbach:
Sixteen year old pupil Sina Wolf has a love affair with her married Teacher Fichte. Also pupil Michael Harms cannot resist her beauty. One day Michael follows Sina into the forrest, throws her to the ground and begins to kiss her wildly. She stops him doing so taking a big stone, later telling everyone that somebody tried to rape her in the forrest while Michael was helping her. As the police begins to investigate Michael's death they regard teacher Fichte with suspicion. Things screw up for Sina as now Fichte stops dating her and police's questions are beginning to be uncomfortable.
By Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:
The teenager Sina Wolf is having a love affair with her teacher Fichte, who is fifteen years older than she. One day, her former boyfriend Michael witnesses Sina making love with Fichte in the woods by the lake and he blackmails her. Sina meets him in the woods and Michael tries to rape her; however she hits him on the head with a big stone and kills Michael. She calls the police and tells to the Inspector Finke and his assistant that a stranger wearing green jacket tried to rape her but Michael defended her and the stranger killed him. The smart detective does not buy the story but pretends that he believes in it. However Michael told to his friend Ingrid "Inge" that Fichte and Sina are lovers and Inge tells the secret to her friend Katrin. Then she blackmails Fichte to get good grades; otherwise she is going to flunk the test and repeat the year. When Mrs. Fichte, who is the mathematic teacher, finds Michael's notebooks on his chair, she reads his comments about her husband and Sina and she learns that she has been betrayed. Inspector Finke takes Sina to Kiel to identify the corpse of the possible attacker and she confirms that he is the man that attacked Michael and her. However this is a trap of the inspector and his assistant to check if Sina is telling the truth. They stakeout her house and discover that Fichte is her lover. Now the teacher becomes the prime suspect of the police inspector.
By Troll:
After receiving a dubious Phone call at work, Eva Konalsky, a typist working at a Steel Factory disappears without a trace. The Saarbrücken Police sends the two cops Liersdahl and Schäfermann to investigate. Both of them have a very different view of how police work should be done and they are not very fond of each other at first. When another person of the Steel Factory's personnel is murdered they both have to do their best to solve the case.
By Zodiac Pictures Ltd:
Lucerne, the first day of carnival, nicknamed "Dirty Thursday". Early in the morning, Franz Schäublin, Head of Lucerne's Building Commission and active guild member, is found stabbed amidst the hustle and bustle of the carnival. Witnesses report seeing a man costumed as Death running from the crime scene. The murder victim had run up a high hotel bill and was carrying a large amount of cash. Initial police investigations reveal that Schäublin appears to have led a double life. Searching for the perpetrator, Reto Flückiger and Liz Ritschard plunge into the pandemonium of their carnival-crazed city. Striving hard to unmask and reveal the deadly reveler, they finally realize that the killer has made fools of them.
By Anonymous:
January. One of the coldest-ever winters in Munich. After a snowstorm the young Stefanie Thaller is found half-naked and frozen to death on the edge of an industrial estate in the north of the city. Never before did Detective Superintendents Franz Leitmayr and Ivo Batic together with Detective Inspector Carlo Menzinger have to cope with such a lack of evidence in a murder case...
By Troll:
The East German authorities are calling the West German Police for assistance on a case. The body of a boy was found at a Truck Stop near Leipzig. The boy wears shoes made in West Germany. Some time later the assistance call is withdrawn. Phoning his colleague in East Berlin, a man he worked together with in the past, investigator Paul Trimmel in Hamburg is told: "There is no work for you here." But Trimmel investigates on his own. He finds out that the wealthy Erich Landsberger is the illegitimate father of the dead kid. Landsberger and his other son have moved to Frankfurt. Trimmel pays him a visit there. The man is of no great help for him, but Trimmel gets an unexpected clue from Landsberger's little son. He has to go to Leipzig himself to find out more. So he leaves the Transit Route near the city, pretending his car broke down, takes a Taxi and goes looking for Eva Billsing, the dead boy's mother. She is not home when Trimmel arrives. The next day Trimmel encounters Eva's boyfriend Peter Klaus, who works for the East German Police, and talks him into letting him have a word with Eva. At least Klaus gives in to Trimmel and the things Eva tells him help solve the case.
By David:
First episode of Tatort in Cologne since 1973. Max Ballauf, who worked in Duesseldorf and also as a DEA Agent in the USA, returns to Germany to partner up with Freddy Schenk. Schenk has been working in the Cologne Police for a long time and doesn't agree with Ballauf joining the team. Obviously they don't get off to a good start, but meanwhile have to solve a murder: The dead body of a former cop is found in the Rhein river. He had worked in the drugs unit and he and his team liked to torture their convicts. Is the murder someone who held a grudge against him?
By Otto Oberhauser :
When an immigrant railway worker from Italy is found dead in Munich, homicide inspector Veigl and his team suspect murder. However, it turns out that the deceased died in an accident when he an his workmates did illegal construction work for one of their German colleagues who stole the building material from the railway company.
By kk-120, Denmark:
An American diplomat is the target for a suicide bomb. He survives, but some guards and the young bomber get killed. Bibi and Moritz, the two Vienna detectives try to find out who is behind the killing. A conspiration theory becomes more and more clear and was the young car-bomber guilty or a victim?
The directors of Tatort
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Schumacher   Reinhard Schwabenitzky   Florian Schwarz   Hans-Dieter Schwarze   Christian Schwochow   Rolf Schübel   Titus Selge   Andreas Senn   Dagmar Seume   Harald Sicheritz   Manuel Siebenmann   Robert Sigl   Zoltan Spirandelli   Christoph Stark   Ulrich Stark   Wolfgang Staudte   Niki Stein   Manfred Stelzer   Thomas Stiller   Wolfgang Storch   Frank Strecker   Thomas Stuber   Hannes Stöhr   Peter Sämann  
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Full list of actors of Tatort:
1 Annika Blendl in the movie Tatort Annika Blendl 1970
2 Ursula Karven in the movie Tatort Ursula Karven 1970
3 Rebecca Lina in the movie Tatort Rebecca Lina 1970
4 Heide Grübl in the movie Tatort Heide Grübl 1970
5 Loretta Pflaum in the movie Tatort Loretta Pflaum 1970
6 Andrea Rau in the movie Tatort Andrea Rau 1970
7 Felicitas Ruhm in the movie Tatort Felicitas Ruhm 1970
8 Dagmar Sachse in the movie Tatort Dagmar Sachse 1970
9 Ursula Wolff in the movie Tatort Ursula Wolff 1970
10 Katrin Wolter in the movie Tatort Katrin Wolter 1970
11 Maryam Zaree in the movie Tatort Maryam Zaree 1970
12 Marcus Calvin in the movie Tatort Marcus Calvin 1970
13 Otto Baier in the movie Tatort Otto Baier 1970
14 Tarik Can Bas in the movie Tatort Tarik Can Bas 1970
15 Edgar Bessen in the movie Tatort Edgar Bessen 1970
16 Ludwig Haas in the movie Tatort Ludwig Haas 1970
17 Jan Hasenfuß in the movie Tatort Jan Hasenfuß 1970
18 Ralph Herforth in the movie Tatort Ralph Herforth 1970
19 Heinz Drache in the movie Tatort Heinz Drache 1970
20 Ferdinand Dux in the movie Tatort Ferdinand Dux 1970
21 Ossi Eckmüller in the movie Tatort Ossi Eckmüller 1970
22 Hanns Eybl in the movie Tatort Hanns Eybl 1970
23 Arno Frisch in the movie Tatort Arno Frisch 1970
24 Günter Gaus in the movie Tatort Günter Gaus 1970
25 Maxim Mehmet in the movie Tatort Maxim Mehmet 1970
26 Torben Kessler in the movie Tatort Torben Kessler 1970
27 Hanno Koffler in the movie Tatort Hanno Koffler 1970
28 Jan Messutat in the movie Tatort Jan Messutat 1970
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