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By J.E. McKillop :
Short lived (4-weeks) show about Teech Gibson, a token black music teacher, at exclusive Winthrop Academy near Philadelphia. The stories revolve around four students, George Dubcek, Kenny Freedman, Boyd Askew and Alby Nichols. Alfred Litton is the headmaster, Cassie the sexy assistant headmaster and Adrian, the yuppy student.
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Full list of actors of Teech:
1 Judie Aronson in the movie Teech Judie Aronson 1991
2 Maggie Han in the movie Teech Maggie Han 1991
3 Jasper Cole in the movie Teech Jasper Cole 1991
4 Steven Gilborn in the movie Teech Steven Gilborn 1991
5 David (I) Graf in the movie Teech David (I) Graf 1991
6 Phill Lewis in the movie Teech Phill Lewis 1991
7 B.B. King in the movie Teech B.B. King 1991
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