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By Brian Rathjen :
"The Electric Company," aimed at children ages 7 to 10, was designed to teach basic reading concepts to its young viewers. Skits featuring the show's regulars, cartoons, vignettes, and regular features revolved around sound clusters (such as -ly, sh-, oo-) and punctuation marks. On occasion, a fun song was played with the audience challenged to supply the lyrics during the second sing-through. Through the years, different features were added including "Love of Chair" (1971-1973, a spoof of "Love of Life"), "The Adventures of Letterman" (added in 1972), cartoon segments featuring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner (1973), and Spider-Man (1974).
By Kenneth Chisholm :
This show teaches basic phonetic and grammar concepts in the format of comedy sketches, cartoons, songs and Spider-Man episodes.
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1 Cheryl Alessio in the movie The Electric Company Cheryl Alessio 2006
2 June Angela in the movie The Electric Company June Angela 1971
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