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By Brian Rathjen :
"The Electric Company," aimed at children ages 7 to 10, was designed to teach basic reading concepts to its young viewers. Skits featuring the show's regulars, cartoons, vignettes, and regular features revolved around sound clusters (such as -ly, sh-, oo-) and punctuation marks. On occasion, a fun song was played with the audience challenged to supply the lyrics during the second sing-through. Through the years, different features were added including "Love of Chair" (1971-1973, a spoof of "Love of Life"), "The Adventures of Letterman" (added in 1972), cartoon segments featuring Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner (1973), and Spider-Man (1974).
By Kenneth Chisholm :
This show teaches basic phonetic and grammar concepts in the format of comedy sketches, cartoons, songs and Spider-Man episodes.
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7681 Reggie Watts in the movie The Electric Company Reggie Watts 2006
7682 Pete Wentz in the movie The Electric Company Pete Wentz 2006
7683 Cody Ryan Wise in the movie The Electric Company Cody Ryan Wise 2006
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