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By FangsNL:
'Benedict Cumberbatch' (qv) and 'Timothy Spall' (qv) talk about their latest movies (_The Imitation Game (2014)_ (qv) and _Mr. Turner (2014)_ (qv)). 'Miranda Hart' (qv) tells us about her new book which is all about her TV comedy. Benedict does a Beyoncé walk promoted by Miranda, gives us some impression and tries to pronounce the word penguin. He also meets his waxwork then photobombs it. Timothy wonders where his application for Worlds Sexiest Man is. 'Maroon 5' (qv) perform and chat. 'Bradley Cooper (I)' (qv) and 'Sienna Miller' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _Burnt (2015/I)_ (qv); 'Maggie Smith (I)' (qv), who makes her first appearance in a British talk-show in 42 years, and 'Alex Jennings (I)' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _The Lady in the Van (2015)_ (qv); 'Justin Bieber' (qv) performs his hit single "What Do You Mean".
By Kristen T:
Carey Mulligan talks about her new movie "Far from the Madding Crowd"; Noomi Rapace discusses her new movie "Child 44"; Amanda Holden talks about her judging Britain's Got Talent and her new show "Give a Pet a Home"; Jessie Ware sings "Say You Love Me" from her album, Tough Love. Graham encourages male audience members to give their best pick up lines to the ladies on the couch.
By FangsNL:
'Chris Hemsworth' (qv) and Oscar winning director 'Ron Howard (I)' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _In the Heart of the Sea (2015)_ (qv); comedy legend 'Lily Tomlin' (qv) talks about her upcoming movie _Grandma (2015)_ (qv); Scottish comedian 'Kevin Bridges (II)' (qv) discusses his show "A Whole Different Story"; 'Blake (V)' (qv) and Dame 'Shirley Bassey' (qv) perform their new festive single "The Christmas Song".
By FangsNL:
'Colin Farrell (I)' (qv) and 'Rachel Weisz' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _The Lobster (2015)_ (qv); 'Dawn French' (qv) discusses her new book "According to Yes" and one woman show "30 Million Minutes", which she is bringing to London's Vaudeville Theater; 'Chris O'Dowd' (qv) talks about his upcoming Lance Armstrong biopic _The Program (2015/II)_ (qv); 'Rod Stewart (I)' (qv) talks about his upcoming album "Another Country" and performs his single "Love Is".
By KristenT:
Dame Judi Dench and Dev Patel discuss their new movie "The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"; Rob Delaney and Sharon Horgan talk about their new UK show "Catastrophe"; Jack O'Connell discusses playing Louie Zamperini in "Unbroken"; First Aid Kit sings.
By FangsNL:
'Dustin Hoffman' (qv) and 'Judi Dench' (qv) chat about their Christmas TV movie _Roald Dahl's Esio Trot (2015)_ (qv) and 'Jennifer Aniston' (qv) and 'Jason Bateman' (qv) tell us about _Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)_ (qv). 'Olly Murs' (qv) performs and promotes his latest album. Judi also talks about her new book. Olly wears his best aftershave to impress Jennifer and shows off his party trick. Jennifer and Jason look back at some of their first movies and Jennifer forgets Jason was in _The Break-Up (2006)_ (qv). Dustin tells us about kiss cam and Olly has a masturbating dog. 'Shirley Bassey' (qv) promotes her latest album, 'Catherine Tate (II)' (qv) promotes her latest movie _Nativity 3: Dude, Where's My Donkey?! (2014)_ (qv). 'Richard Ayoade' (qv) has a new book called Ayoade on Ayoade and 'David Walliams' (qv) chats about his fan mail. David and Shirley flirt and Catherine tells tales about wetting herself. There are also some cracking stories from the red chair. 'Carrie Fisher (I)' (qv), 'John Boyega' (qv) and 'Daisy Ridley' (qv) discuss their upcoming movie, the highly anticipated _Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens (2015)_ (qv); 'David Beckham (I)' (qv) talks about his upcoming documentary _David Beckham: For the Love of the Game (2015) (TV)_ (qv); 'Kylie Minogue' (qv) promotes her new Christmas album and performs "Winter Wonderland".
By FangsNL:
'Hugh Grant (I)' (qv) talks about new romcom _The Rewrite (2014)_ (qv), 'Emma Thompson (I)' (qv) discusses her new Peter Rabbit book and 'Luke Evans (I)' (qv) promotes _Dracula Untold (2014)_ (qv). Musician 'Lenny Kravitz' (qv) performs his new song Strut. Hugh also performs a 'romantic' scene with Graham and discusses his first Hollywood audition. Rapper and actor 'Ice Cube' (qv) and comedian 'Kevin Hart (I)' (qv) talk about their upcoming comedy action sequel _Ride Along 2 (2016)_ (qv); 'Hugh Laurie' (qv) and 'Olivia Colman' (qv) talk about their upcoming spy series _"The Night Manager" (2016)_ (qv); broadcasting legend 'David Attenborough' (qv) discusses his upcoming documentary special _Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur (2016) (TV)_ (qv); 'Elle King' (qv) performs her hit single "Ex's & Oh's".
By FangsNL:
'Johnny Depp' (qv) and 'Benedict Cumberbatch' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _Black Mass (2015)_ (qv); 'James McAvoy' (qv) and 'Daniel Radcliffe' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _Victor Frankenstein (2015)_ (qv); 'The Corrs' (qv) talk about their comeback and the upcoming tour and perform their latest single "Bring On the Night".
By FangsNL:
Oscar winner 'Julianne Moore' (qv) discusses her new movie _Freeheld (2015)_ (qv); Ant & Dec, 'Anthony McPartlin' (qv) and 'Declan Donnelly' (qv), talk about the new season of _"Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway" (2002)_ (qv); Australian comedian 'Rebel Wilson' (qv) talks about her romantic comedy _How to Be Single (2016)_ (qv); 'Little Mix' (qv) perform their single "Secret Love Song" with 'Jason Derulo' (qv).
By FangsNL:
'Kate Winslet' (qv) and 'Michael Fassbender' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _Steve Jobs (2015)_ (qv); Kate also promotes her upcoming movie _The Dressmaker (2015/I)_ (qv); 'Julie Walters (I)' (qv) talks about her upcoming movie _Brooklyn (2015)_ (qv); '50 Cent' (qv) discusses his latest single "9 Shots"; 'Ellie Goulding' (qv) performs her hit single "On My Mind".
By FangsNL:
Comedian and writer 'Tina Fey' (qv) promotes her upcoming movie _Sisters (2015/III)_ (qv); 'Kurt Russell (I)' (qv) discusses his upcoming western _The Hateful Eight (2015)_ (qv); English comedian 'Josh Widdicombe' (qv) talks about his sitcom _"Josh" (2014)_ (qv); Australian singer-songwriter 'Sia (I)' (qv) performs her new single "Alive".
By KristenT:
Actor Ewan McGregor talks about being presented with an OBE from the Queen, and his latest project "Last Days in the Desert". Comedian Jack Whitehall is in a new movie, "The Bad Education Movie". 2008 and 2014 Formula One World Champion race car driver Lewis Hamilton discusses his driving performances, and being the host for the upcoming Invictus Games. Singer Rita Ora performs her latest single "Poison", and talks about her new hosting role on The X Factor UK.
By KristenT:
Mark Ruffalo, Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen discuss their roles in the new Avengers film, Age of Ultron. Comedian Josh Widdicombe, from the UK series The Last Leg, talks about his new show, his latest tour and being a former writer for the Dora the Explorer comic. The group Blur sings Lonesome Street from the album The Magic Whip.
By FangsNL:
'Matt Damon' (qv) and 'Jessica Chastain' (qv) talk about their upcoming sci-fi adventure movie _The Martian (2015)_ (qv); comedian 'Bill Bailey (I)' (qv) talks about his live show "Limboland" and the upcoming tour through the UK and Ireland; Canadian singer-songwriter 'The Weeknd' (qv) performs his hit single "Can't Feel My Face".
By FangsNL:
Kit Harrington talks about his lead role in the new movie Spooks and as Jon Snow in King of Thrones. Kit also relates his ancestry to the inventor of the flushing toilet. Matt LeBlanc discusses his series Episodes, and sings a portion of songs from his role as Joey on Friends. Rebel Wilson tells us about her great Aunt marrying Walt Disney, she discusses her new movie Pitch Perfect 2, then shows she is proficient in using nunchucks. Kit, Matt and Rebel compare meeting different British Royalty. Mumford and Sons sing The Wolf from their album, Wilder Mind. 'Matthew McConaughey' (qv) and 'Anne Hathaway' (qv) talk about new movie _Interstellar (2014)_ (qv) and 'Lena Dunham' (qv) reads out some hilarious excerpts from her new book Not That Kind of Girl. 'Micky Flanagan' (qv) is promoting his new show _"Micky Flanagan's Detour De France" (2014)_ (qv). Other highlights include Anne on working with Matthew and demonstrates some moves from _Interstellar (2014)_ (qv). Matthew talks about winning an Oscar and Mickey and Lena discuss sex (but both slightly differently!). 'Sia (I)' (qv) performs. 'Matthew Perry (I)' (qv) talks about his forthcoming West End playwriting debut "The End of Longing"; 'Miriam Margolyes' (qv) talks about her upcoming documentary series "The Real Marigold Hotel"; 'Gemma Arterton' (qv) talks about her upcoming play "Nell Gwynne"; Italian-English singer 'Jack Savoretti' (qv) performs his single "Catapult".
By FangsNL:
'Meryl Streep' (qv) and 'Carey Mulligan' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _Suffragette (2015)_ (qv); 'Nicole Kidman' (qv) talks about her West End play "Photograph 51"; 'Nigella Lawson' (qv) talks about her new cook book and her new BBC Two TV show "Simply Nigella"; 'Gabrielle Aplin' (qv) performs her single "Sweet Nothing".
By FangsNL:
Oscar winner 'Jennifer Lawrence (III)' (qv) talks about her upcoming movie _Joy (2015/I)_ (qv); Oscar winner 'Eddie Redmayne' (qv) discusses his role as a transgender pioneer in _The Danish Girl (2015)_ (qv), comedian 'Will Ferrell (I)' (qv) and actor-producer 'Mark Wahlberg (I)' (qv) talk about their new comedy _Daddy's Home (2015)_ (qv); plus music from Years & Years', who perform their hit single "Shine".
By FangsNL:
'Ralph Fiennes' (qv) discusses his upcoming movie _A Bigger Splash (2015)_ (qv); comedian 'Tracey Ullman' (qv) promotes her new sketch show _"Tracey Ullman's Show" (2016)_ (qv); 'James Nesbitt (I)' (qv) talks about his upcoming series _"Stan Lee's Lucky Man" (2016)_ (qv); British singer-songwriter 'James Bay (II)' (qv) performs his song "Best Fake Smile".
By FangsNL:
Hollywood legend 'Robert De Niro' (qv) and 'Anne Hathaway' (qv) talk about their upcoming movie _The Intern (2015/I)_ (qv); 'Kenneth Branagh' (qv) talks about his upcoming series of West End plays; 'Tom Hiddleston' (qv) talks about his upcoming movie _Crimson Peak (2015)_ (qv); English country pop duo 'The Shires' (qv) perform their single "All Over Again".
By FangsNL:
'Robert Duvall' (qv) and 'Robert Downey Jr.' (qv) are on to promote _The Judge (2014)_ (qv) and 'Stephen Fry (I)' (qv) is promoting the latest volume of his autobiography. Duvall tells stories about _The Godfather (1972)_ (qv) and a flat he shared with 'Dustin Hoffman' (qv). Stephen talks about when Prince Charles came for Christmas Lunch. 'U2' (qv) perform a song from their latest album Songs of Innocence. Sir 'Elton John' (qv) talks about his new album "Wonderful Crazy Night" and performs his single "Blue Wonderful"; 'Jack Black (I)' (qv) promotes his upcoming fantasy adventure movie _Goosebumps (2015)_ (qv); 'Ben Stiller' (qv), 'Penélope Cruz' (qv) and 'Owen Wilson (I)' (qv) talk about their upcoming comedy sequel _Zoolander 2 (2016)_ (qv).
By FangsNL:
Double Oscar winner 'Tom Hanks' (qv) talks about his upcoming movie _Bridge of Spies (2015)_ (qv), his latest collaboration with director 'Steven Spielberg' (qv); 'Peter Capaldi' (qv) talks about _"Doctor Who" (2005)_ (qv) and the departure of his co-star 'Jenna Coleman (I)' (qv); 'David Walliams' (qv) talks about his new children's book "Grandpa's Great Escape"; 'Duran Duran' (qv) talk about their new album "Paper Gods" and perform their single "What Are the Chances".
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Full list of actors of The Graham Norton Show:
1 Laurie Brett in the movie The Graham Norton Show Laurie Brett 2007
2 Kellie Bright in the movie The Graham Norton Show Kellie Bright 2007
3 Sandra Bullock in the movie The Graham Norton Show Sandra Bullock 2007
4 Darcey Bussell in the movie The Graham Norton Show Darcey Bussell 2007
5 Kim Cattrall in the movie The Graham Norton Show Kim Cattrall 2007
6 Emilia Clarke in the movie The Graham Norton Show Emilia Clarke 2007
7 Toni Collette in the movie The Graham Norton Show Toni Collette 2007
8 Olivia Colman in the movie The Graham Norton Show Olivia Colman 2007
9 Penélope Cruz in the movie The Graham Norton Show Penélope Cruz 2007
10 Letitia Dean in the movie The Graham Norton Show Letitia Dean 2007
11 Hilary Devey in the movie The Graham Norton Show Hilary Devey 2007
12 Cameron Diaz in the movie The Graham Norton Show Cameron Diaz 2007
13 Alesha Dixon in the movie The Graham Norton Show Alesha Dixon 2007
14 Minnie Driver in the movie The Graham Norton Show Minnie Driver 2007
15 Kirsten Dunst in the movie The Graham Norton Show Kirsten Dunst 2007
16 Jenny Eclair in the movie The Graham Norton Show Jenny Eclair 2007
17 Lily (I) Allen in the movie The Graham Norton Show Lily (I) Allen 2007
18 Anastacia (I) in the movie The Graham Norton Show Anastacia (I) 2007
19 Gemma Arterton in the movie The Graham Norton Show Gemma Arterton 2007
20 Katy B in the movie The Graham Norton Show Katy B 2007
21 Clare Balding in the movie The Graham Norton Show Clare Balding 2007
22 Cate Blanchett in the movie The Graham Norton Show Cate Blanchett 2007
23 Brenda Blethyn in the movie The Graham Norton Show Brenda Blethyn 2007
24 Paloma Faith in the movie The Graham Norton Show Paloma Faith 2007
25 Aileen Faller in the movie The Graham Norton Show Aileen Faller 2007
26 Karen Gillan in the movie The Graham Norton Show Karen Gillan 2007
27 Sharon Gless in the movie The Graham Norton Show Sharon Gless 2007
28 Tamsin Greig in the movie The Graham Norton Show Tamsin Greig 2007
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