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By dizzle5218:
Jamie King (Jamie Foxx) is an aspiring actor from Terrell, Texas, who has come to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. To support himself, he works in his family's hotel, the financially strapped King's Tower, which is owned by his aunt and uncle, Helen and Junior King (Ellia English and Garrett Morris).
By Anonymous:
A martial arts film director convinces Helen to let him film a movie in her hotel. However, after Jamie knocks out one of the actors, the director casts Jamie in the role of the bad guy who is always getting beat up by the good guy. Jamie and the rest of the hotel crew soon tire of the director's rude behavior.
By Anonymous:
Jamie is determined to produce his music video at the hotel. However, Helen objects to the immoral selling of sex that Jamie intends to do. Also, Jamie's diva star refuses to get naked and frolic in whipped cream. After trying to trick the actress into all sorts of lewd conduct, Jamie finally appeases everyone by directing a classier video for his music.
By Anonymous:
Jamie is upset over the end of his relationship with Fancy. He vows to begin dating again to prove that he has no lingering feelings for her. Unfortunately, Jamie proves unable to charm women the way he used to--until a chance meeting with a beautiful woman, Nancy (GOLDEN BROOKS), reassures him. Later, however, Jamie is befuddled when he encounters both Fancy and Nancy in the hotel lobby. The others notice the resemblance between the two women and realize that Jamie is in denial.
By Anonymous:
Fancy plans to surprise Jamie for his birthday with a pair of autographed basketball shoes from professional basketball player Kevin M. Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves. But when Jamie sneaks into Fancy's apartment and finds the shoes under Fancy's bed, he thinks Fancy is having sex with Kevin. Jamie embarrasses Fancy at Kevin's press conference until he learns the truth.
By Anonymous:
Jamie is frustrated by his lack of success as a singer. He signs a lucrative deal with a major producer (ED LOVER - "Yo! MTV Raps"). However, Jamie discovers that the producer is only fooling him in order to steal Jamie's love song that he wrote for Fancy.
By Anonymous:
Junior entrusts Helen's wedding ring to Jamie's care after he decides to have it reconditioned for their anniversary. Jamie shows the ring off to Fancy and Braxton but when Helen comes, he slips it onto Fancy's finger, to keep from ruining the surprise. The ring gets stuck.
By Anonymous:
Series star JAMIE FOXX reunites with his fellow Any Given Sunday stars, professional football greats LAWRENCE TAYLOR and JAMIE WILLIAMS, along with football players CHARLES WOODSON, FRED WILLIAMSON and DARRELL RUSSELL (all playing themselves). When Fancy parties with the sports heroes, Jamie's ego gets him involved in a serious gridiron game against the professionals.
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1 Susan (I) Wood in the movie The Jamie Foxx Show Susan (I) Wood 1996
2 Troy (I) Evans in the movie The Jamie Foxx Show Troy (I) Evans 1996
3 Nelson Mashita in the movie The Jamie Foxx Show Nelson Mashita 1996
4 Ronald Isley in the movie The Jamie Foxx Show Ronald Isley 1996
5 Garrett Morris in the movie The Jamie Foxx Show Garrett Morris 1996
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