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By KGF Vissers:
Twenty suburban neighbors who played tho lottery together for years suddenly win a fortune working out at $19,000,000 each. Yet is also brings huge problems for many. Sean is a fugitive after an accident, so he offers lawyer Zoe half to cash his share, but she and his past shower misery over him time and again. Peter convinces a few others to take charge of the town's nearly bankrupt bicycle factory. Peter's wife Nina betrays him for partner Cameron, whose marriage to Beth also shatters over her child-wish. Minor Damien leaves home spending big, but ends up married to illegal Russian gold-digger Galina, who attracts all kinds of trouble. One share is disputed as Sunny claims it instead of a regular player.
By KGF Vissers:
Robber Piskunov tells Sean and Tally he only knocked Zoe unconscious and confessed to avoid a Russian gulag, but Sean fears another scam. Park demands the rest of his $5,000,000, minus what he already took, not Zoe. Sean refuses suggesting Park is the worse criminal and gets two scary surprises. Damien returns home under pretty strict terms. Nina mistrusts Peter's socialite CEO life and flirtatious Eastland assistant Sunny, although Cameron reassures her. Cameron's announcement to leave decides Nina. Frankie sets up ma to dump her New York boyfriend Marco, but still doesn't get back home.
By Anonymous:
Buoyed by a new business partner, Peter jets off to Europe to sign a big deal for the factory and his new investor Sunny goes with him unknown to Nina. Damien must find a way to prevent Galina from getting deported once their divorce is finalized. Meanwhile, Tally and Sean notice that huge sums of money are missing from Zoe's account after she was found dead.
By KGF Vissers:
Lovers Sean and Tally plan to enjoy Zoe's inheritance together, but are stalked and suspect Park's blackmail will never end. Sean decides to leave, but a forensic accountant found substantial withdrawals were made after Zoe's disappearance. Nina dislikes Peter's former boss's assistant Sunny being accepted as new plant partner. Peter and Sunny fly to Belgium, trying to sign a sponsorship contract with cycling champion Colin Evett. Peter suspects he's on drugs, but offers him a clean contract. Damien gets Frankie to consider getting back together and does a great job courting her, but she first wants closure on Galina. She wants two years to become a legal immigrant, and a divorce could undo Damien's emancipation. Cameron helps Nina with daughter Violet's hospitalization.
By Anonymous:
Nina and Cameron start planning for their future together unknown to Peter. Sean runs from the law when the police start to investigate Zoe's death and he begins to doubt Tally and follows her. Meanwhile, Beth's hopes are dashed when she tries to adopt privately but she ends up reuniting an El Salvador family in the process. Elsewhere, Damien finds out that Galina is playing him when she won't sign the divorce papers.
By KGF Vissers:
Sean discovers just in time that the police wired Jeremy to escape. Following Tally, he discovers she got Zoe's cash. Peter discovers Colin masks his drugs by using blood thinner, but takes him in on promise to go clean. The boards wants him fired, but he convinces Cameron to succeed and let him work on. Cameron finally convinces Nina to leave Peter and buys her a perfect home in town. Damian Brunner is back under pa Cal's thumb and financial management, but gets to let Frankie live in her own bedroom with them, although she wants her place. Damien pay back the café-restaurant her French chef-lover left. Manager Maggie shows him Galian's 'cousin' Razmik is a lover. Beth fails twice to adopt as single, so Cameron accepts to stay married on paper at least 6 months.
By KGF Vissers:
During the break-in wave, Frankie's dad accidentally shoots Sunny. Sean pays a P.I. to trace Zoe's credit card, used in Santa Fé - alas a lie. Damien buys Galina a diamond wedding ring after she was mistaken for a prostitute. She offers to be exclusively and intimately his. After returning baby James to his junkie mother, Peter is trying for his own. Park asks Peter for a share rewarding his connections and legal services, so Nina gets Cameron to become the factory's main partner. The police arrests a Russian robber, who confesses murdering Zoe, with an accomplice- Galina.
By KGF Vissers:
Nineteen ordinary people from a single neighborhood win a lottery super pot, $20,000,000 each. The initial ecstasy is soon tainted for many by practical and relational worries. Teacher Cameron Walsh now reconsiders his offer to his ex Nina to leave their spouses, made when he still had to move to get tenure. Nina refuses to replace Beth and stays with unsuspecting good house-father Peter Schaefer. Damien Cutler (17) is so eager to get rid of his domineering dad that he hastens emancipation by marrying a Russian mail order bride, which after sex may not be broken up as agreed. Flower shop clerk Sean Mathers needs to have his winnings cashed anonymously because of his criminal record. He makes love with a client, lawyer Zoe Reida, who still remains suspicious.
By Anonymous:
Dave Park is arrested when Tally's stolen millions are found in his office. Galina tells Damien that Razmik has left his wife and they are going back to Russia to raise the baby. Peter and Nina go to counseling and after wards they decide to try and reconcile for the sake of their kids but Peter's not sure that her feelings for Cameron have completely gone away. Peter finally decides he cannot trust her and tells her to go to Cameron. Kimberly goes to see her ex-husband Michael. Beth gets a call from the adoption agency to say that she will be able to adopt her Chinese baby girl. She also asks Cameron for a divorce. He goes to the airport with Beth and asks to go with her. At the same time Nina arrives at the airport and realizes she is too late. Sean gives Tally an ultimatum - leave with 100,000 or stay and tell the truth to the police. Elsewhere, Frankie goes out to a club with Walker Keyton and on her return Damien gives her a promise ring which she doesn't accept as she is unaware of how she really feels. Frankie, however, then gets disturbing news about her father and on her way to see Damien she is abducted. Sean hires a helicopter and throws a bag full of 100 dollar notes down onto to the streets below.
By KGF Vissers:
Sean Falsone is released after Tally planted Zoe's cash in a Park's office and assured its 'accidental' discovery by flooding. Sean refuses blaming the crook for her murder, offers her $100,000 or his true love and turns down his offer to share part of the cash. Cyclist Colin turns the factory's fate around. Peter comes to terms with fake winner Sunny, and takes Nina to marriage counseling for their kids' sake. Feeling dumped, Cameron still grants Beth a divorce now she's awarded a Chinese adoption baby. Galina shows Damien DNA prove the baby is his but announces is marrying her to raise it in Russia. When he wants his kid nearby, Frankie drifts to hotel heir Keyton.
By KGF Vissers:
Sean discovers Zoe's sister Tally is armed. Jeremy's sister Jill allows them to wait till his next visit. Peter moves to a grand home, next to lawyer and potential plant investor Dave Park, who takes him 'fishing' (in fact for investors) to Baja behind Nina's back. Cameron and Beth are now happy with baby James and plan to get a biological child too, but he can't forget Nina. Damien visits his parents and considers terms to move back home. Frankie hates her ma's plan to move to New York, where she buys an apartment and dates a Marco. Damien flies over and discovers she's still a virgin. When his dad haughtily blames his flashy sports car for being the next robbery victim, Damien leaves angrily, back to Galina. Sean catches Jeremy, but he knows nothing.
By Anonymous:
Planning a trip to Paris creates tension between Beth and Nina. Damien throws a bash where Frankie realizes she's having romantic feelings for him. Kimberly learns her son has gotten into a fight at school. Things heat up between Sean and Zoe.
By KGF Vissers:
Sean tells Zoe, who just cashed all his winnings, that Jeremy knows the fiend who killed a dealer on his boat. Jeremy claims it's the other way around, but Zoe's attorney David park arranges a fake alibi and sends sole suspect, Jeremy, running with a mere $10,000. Cameron is not amused that his wife, Beth, wants to spoil his new-found freedom already, by not taking the pill. Peter just lazily enjoys the good life and encourages Nina to go shop in Paris with Beth. Cameron discovers Elisa is a lying junkie, but takes her boy. Damien sends money like water in his luxury suite with and on convenience wife Galina. Sunny van Hattem spoils everything.
By Anonymous:
Nina's intense attraction to Cameron is starting to obstruct her parenting abilities made worse by Peter's distance. After Colin Evett tells Peter that he will not be stopping using drugs at the same time that a sports editor asks Colin to do an on-the-spot drug test Peter's ad campaign sinks but he grows closer to Sunny because of it. Meanwhile, Tally briefly reunites with her sister Zoe against Sean's wishes for it to only bring heartache. Elsewhere, Frankie and Damien go on the run but soon realize it's not as much fun when you don't have money and Beth has a one-night stand with Maggie's pastry chef Pascal.
By KGF Vissers:
Sean promises Jeremy $50,000 for proof Zoe is alive. He returns suspecting the sisters are playing him. Discovering the planned to meet behind his back, he goes and learns Zoe believes he sent the Russian killer. Zoe disappears, tally follows but returns. Sean realizes Park set Zoe up- too late. Peter discovers Colin is still doped, too late to recover the campaign budget. Cameron finally convinces Nina she wants a divorce to be with him. Learning about the factory's trouble, he promises her to wait. Damian takes Frankie on a crazy ride, crashing a prom. As her credit-card was stopped too, he soon decides to return home, while she wants to keep going. Beth dumps cook Pascal as love-god and is alone again, reluctant to implant donor seed.
By KGF Vissers:
Sunny claims Kimberly George's lottery share, and files a law-suit, which blocks payment to everybody. Sean is briefly arrested after searching Zoe's flat, fearing she's abducted by Jeremy Benzing. Their lawyer warns the money is still all in her name. He teams up with her sister Tal, who finds her PC password. Cameron gets custody of the junk's baby, but only gets Beth's support when the boy needs hospital care for withdrawal symptoms. Damien keeps spending and dates a winner's daughter. His bride seeks legal advice and tries to seduce him again. Peter suggests sharing with 21 is cheaper then lawyers.
By Anonymous:
Peter finds out about Nina and Cameron's affair from the accident and throws Nina out of their home. He then turns to Sunny for comfort. Nina finishes it with Cameron when she sees how much she has lost because of their affair. Galina lies to Damien about how she got bruising saying it was Razmik but Frankie has an encounter with Razmik's wife Judy who sets the record straight. Knowing that she's about to be kicked out of Damien's life for good she concocts a story about being pregnant with Damien's baby. Elsewhere, Maggie is highly suspicious of her brother Ramon's new fiancée Becca which is confirmed when she overhears Becca talking derogatorily about Ramon to a friend. Later, Ramon tells her that Becca has gone and that she should go back to what she used to love - nursing. Sean becomes highly suspicious of Tally when he finds she had Zoe's missing millions and is even more furious with her when he discovers that the money he asked her to give to the police is not done. At her motel, Tally later tells Sean that she accidentally killed Zoe and needs some of the money to get away. Leaving the motel she has an argument with Sean which the motel clerk reports. Trying to stop him Sean is shot in the stomach. Tally runs from the motel with the money leaving Sean bleeding.
By Anonymous:
After spending their first night together Sunny tells Peter that she lied about the ticket and that the ticket was indeed Kimberly's. Peter is furious with her as he defended her. An injured Sean goes to Maggie's asking for her help and he eventually gets her to help him find incriminating evidence about Tally. He is then admitted to hospital by Maggie when the bullet starts to cause problems. After his operation Detective Sinclaire arrests him telling him that Tally has come forward and accused him of killing her sister Zoe. Frankie finds Galina's pregnancy test and is uncomfortable when Galina and Damien meet. Damien wants Galina to take a paternity test. Galina tells Damien she is a carrier for a rare blood disease. Frankie strikes up a friendship with the hotel owner's cute son Walker Keyton. Nina asks for Peter's help in telling the kids that she's not coming home. Violet takes it particularly bad and leaves the house unknown to Peter and Nina. Beth meets Pascal again by accident and invites him out to dinner. He tells her his name isn't Pascal and he's not from France but Scotland and did so as all the best jobs go to French chefs. Beth is not amused and leaves him. Later, she finds that 300,000 has been taken from her bank account and confronts Cameron. He tells her that he has a half-sister whom he wanted to help out and gave her a luxury around the world cruise trip.
By KGF Vissers:
Sean refuses Park's offer to plunder Zoe's overseas account 50-50 by fraud. During the robber-murder trial, Damian finally realizes Galina stole form him and dumps her, only to discover later she was used and loves him. Peter's emotional ties with former plant colleagues still inspire financial risks, Parks is now the voice of sheer investor greed. Cameron tries to mediate. His priority is Nina. Beth sees trough his lie he was unfaithful with a student on an Italian trip. Doug's cooking talent convinces a winner to become his restaurant partner.
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Copyright: (2002) American Cinema Independent (2002) American Cinema International Morven Overseas Ltd.
Copyright: David Mullich
USD 260 (USA) (6 May 2012) (1 screen) USD 112 (USA) (8 April 2012) (1 screen) USD 571 (USA) (4 March 2012) (1 screen) USD 54 (USA) (26 February 2012) (1 screen) USD 80 (USA) (12 February 2012) (1 screen) USD 1,780 (USA) (5 February 2012) (2 screens)
Full list of actors of Windfall:
1 Keitha Capouya in the movie Windfall Keitha Capouya 2010
2 Keli Daniels in the movie Windfall Keli Daniels 2006
3 Corina Danila in the movie Windfall Corina Danila 2003
4 Nikki Deloach in the movie Windfall Nikki Deloach 2006
5 Peggy Dunne in the movie Windfall Peggy Dunne 2006
6 June Angela in the movie Windfall June Angela 2006
7 Marie Ault in the movie Windfall Marie Ault 1935
8 Sybil Azur in the movie Windfall Sybil Azur 2006
9 Jenica Bergere in the movie Windfall Jenica Bergere 2006
10 April Ennis in the movie Windfall April Ennis 2006
11 Elena Evangelo in the movie Windfall Elena Evangelo 2006
12 Marlene Forte in the movie Windfall Marlene Forte 2006
13 Susan Fronsoe in the movie Windfall Susan Fronsoe 2006
14 Nealy Glenn in the movie Windfall Nealy Glenn 2006
15 Elena Goodman in the movie Windfall Elena Goodman 2006
16 Alice Greczyn in the movie Windfall Alice Greczyn 2006
17 Ken (II) Jaffe in the movie Windfall Ken (II) Jaffe 2010
18 Andy Karsner in the movie Windfall Andy Karsner 2010
19 Bob (VI) Rosen in the movie Windfall Bob (VI) Rosen 2010
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